Platform X, formerly known as Twitter, removed posts from politicians, parties and candidates in India following orders from the local electoral commission.

The specific reason for the restrictions was not disclosed. Despite accepting the decision, the company expressed disagreement, stating that freedom of expression should prevail, as stated in a statement cited by “Times of India“.

The social network also asked the commission to make its future determinations public. This request follows the release of images of orders received by the network, including one that prohibits criticism of the private lives of politicians that are not related to their public functions.

Elections in India are scheduled to begin this Friday, lasting 44 days, involving almost a billion voters.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seeking his third consecutive term, with favorable forecasts according to polls.

At the same time, in Brazil, Elon Musk faced controversy when he stated that he would not obey orders from the Federal Supreme Court related to blocking accounts on the platform.

After statements that it would disclose Minister Alexandre de Moraes’ demands, which he claimed violated Brazilian legislation, the defense of X in Brazil assured the minister that the platform would fully comply with court orders.

The defense’s initial stance, which sought an exemption and asked Moraes to deal directly with the headquarters in the USA, was rejected by the minister, who considered the approach close to bad faith.

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