The provincial elections in Mendoza did not throw up any big surprises, Alfredo Cornejo He will be the next Governor of the province, with 39% of the votes counted at the moment.

Cambia Mendoza fell both with respect to the provincial Paso (where Cornejo and Petri’s lists had added up to 42%), and in relation to the last executive elections in 2019 where Rodolfo Suárez had exceeded 51%. While Omar de Marchiwho topped the Unión Mendocina list, came second with 29%.

The other fact of the election was the terrible choice of Peronism: the formula ParisiIlardo He garnered 14.75% of the votes, making the worst election in recent decades. Dragged by the crisis of the National Government and the complicit role of local Peronism in the adjustment of Cornejo and Suárez, they obtained half the votes than in 2019 and even less than in the last Paso.

The Green Party obtained 11% of the votes, after a campaign where some of its leaders switched to De Marchi’s list, with crossed accusations.

For its part, the Left Front made an election that marked growth compared to the last elections for Governor, consolidating a political alternative for workers, women and youth against the adjustment and the right.

The campaign led by Lautaro Jimeneza school teacher, managed to establish the discussion on the defense of education and public health, within the framework of a campaign where a right-wing agenda prevailed, as was evident in last week’s candidate debate.

In Greater Mendoza, the FIT exceeded 5%, making an important choice in popular departments such as Las Heras or Guaymallén.

Accompanied by Laura Espeche, Marcia Marianetti and Victor da Vila, Jimenez assured the media present that “it was a very complex election, with a very important fragmentation of the opposition votes, which the ruling party has known how to capitalize on to retain the province in a context of collapse of the national ruling party. And in that context many lists appeared, different speeches, all kinds of crossed accusations and strategies to try to capitalize on that anger, that discontent. In that context we revalue this very important volume of votes that it has achieved sustaining the Left Front, and even growing in relation to the 2019 elections, and that we believe is a basis to continue building, to continue strengthening a message in defense of the working class, of public education, is an important step” .

“It is not an easy political panorama to translate. However, it is also important to manage to navigate these scenarios, managing to revalidate the space of the left that is not for nothing that the right attacks them so harshly. Because they know that we are a sector that is going to fight until the end,” he concluded.

Look at the results:


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