Javier Milei dedicated a large part of his first speech as president to the economy and assured that he will implement a “shock” adjustment because “there is no other alternative.”

He spoke of a contained inflation of 15,000% annually. Blackmail to apply their brutal adjustment program.

He proposed a 5-point adjustment in public spending and a 10-point cut in the Central Bank’s debt.

For the first, it should make monstrous cuts in pensions, education, health, and public works, which would worsen the current recession with layoffs and more job losses.

For the second, you need rampant inflation that would liquefy our savings and salaries.

Like what his neoliberal idol Margaret Thatcher said, he said that “there is no alternative” and that the only possible solution is adjustment.

Milei already knows that the devaluation and the tariffs that he is going to apply are going to generate even more inflation, but he hides it and repeats the verse that the only cause of inflation is the monetary issue.

In addition, he appointed Luis “Toto” Caputo to the Ministry of Economy, one of the main people responsible for Macri’s historic mega-indebtedness and a clear exponent of “the caste.”

The banks, the big businessmen can continue partying. The “economic caste” celebrates tailoring their businesses.

It is a lie that “there is no money.” They are going to pass the chainsaw to the retirees, and not to the banks and the IMF.

It is not true that there is no alternative to the catastrophe of hyper or the catastrophe of brutal adjustment. We workers can establish another way out.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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