The success of Bitcoin Ordinals is slowly spreading to Dogecoin. This is now manifested in the cloning of the so-called Runestone airdrop, which previously took place on Bitcoin. The Dogecoin-based Runestones were given away for free, just like the original on Bitcoin Ordinals.

This concerns a total of 30,272 Doge Runestone Doginals, which have been distributed to wallets with at least one Doginal from a list of specific collections.

185 Dogecoin per Doge Runestone

The Doge Runestones seem to be quite successful, as the floor price for the digital gems is 185 Dogecoin (approximately $32) and saw a trading volume of $2,000 over the past 24 hours.

The airdrop on Dogecoin is therefore a copy of the success on Bitcoin Ordinals, where 112,000 Runestones were distributed to people who joined the project early.

Bitcoin Ordinals are, so to speak, the NFTs of Bitcoin. Dogecoin is a fork from Bitcoin, making it possible to copy code that works for Bitcoin to Dogecoin.

The Doginals protocol, a copy of Bitcoin Ordinals, was launched in February 2023 by an anonymous developer.

149 Doginals collections and 68,000 DRC-20 tokens

The Doginals protocol also made it possible to launch DRC-20 tokens, which are derived from the Ethereum ERC-20 token standard; which underpinned the 2017 ICO hype.

Bitcoin also has a BRC-20 token standard thanks to Ordinals. A total of 149 Doginals collections have been started since launch and 68,000 DRC-20 tokens have been created.

All together, these tokens have a market cap of almost $120 million, according to the data from Doginals Explorer.

A funny fact is that the computer game Doom, an absolute classic, launched in 1993, is currently also stuck on the Dogecoin blockchain as a Doginal.

Incidentally, the Doge Runestone airdrop had no positive effect on the Dogecoin price, which has fallen by almost 2 percent over the past 24 hours to the current level of $ 0.1739 per coin.

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