Alberto González Amador formally addressed the Madrid City Council on March 21 to try to legalize the works carried out in one of the two apartments that he enjoys with Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the same building in the Chamberí district, according to sources revealed to knowledgeable about the procedure.

The presentation of González Amador’s writing occurred after revealed the case of tax fraud that affects him and after which he bought the home, and also after publishing this medium that the couple enjoys a second floor, an attic located right above the one he acquired and which is in the name of a company managed by his lawyer and whose true owner is unknown. In those days, this editorial team also revealed that both the district councilor and the official who denied the building permit to the Madrid president’s partner were relieved of their positions.

The document to regularize the housing situation, which recognizes the illegality of the works, was registered one day after Más Madrid denounced the “urban planning violation” committed by Díaz Ayuso’s partner in the renovation of the house, carried out without the necessary permissions.

This complaint automatically led to the opening of a file whose processing includes a visit by an inspector to the home and which could lead to a sanctioning procedure. If González Amador manages to regularize the illegal works, the couple would get the file closed before the inspection by the Madrid City Council official took place. When consulted by the Urban Planning Delegation of the Madrid City Council, a spokesperson said that the City Council does not offer information on individuals.

The two apartments that the couple enjoys represent a focus of attention within the scandal that arose as a result of the exclusive. On March 12, this medium revealed that the Prosecutor’s Office had filed a complaint against Alberto González Amador for two crimes of tax fraud that would have saved him the payment of 350,951 euros in Corporate Tax.

The Madrid Prosecutor’s Office accuses the businessman of a third crime of document falsification, in relation to the false invoices he issued as part of the maneuvers to deceive the Treasury in the years 2020 and 2021 and not pay what he owed after a commission of more than two million euros from the sale of masks during a pandemic.

In that first information it was explained that the Madrid president and the tax fraudster have been living together since last summer in a 180 square meter apartment acquired by him after having committed the double tax fraud. This is the apartment whose renovation is illegal and which is the subject of a file. The market value of the renovated apartment is close to 1.2 million euros.

On March 13, two days after the first information, revealed that the couple also enjoys a luxury penthouse, of similar dimensions, located right above. Until now, neither the Madrid president nor her team have made any mention of this second home, nor to deny that Ayuso has it. The only thing known about the attic is that it belongs to Babia Capital SL, a company managed by Javier Luis Gómez Fidalgo, the prosecutor who represented González Amador before the Treasury.

But more than two weeks after this medium revealed that the couple enjoys the luxury penthouse, it is still unknown who is its true owner and if the couple pays rent for it. Nor if the works included joining the apartment that González Amador bought on the sixth floor with this penthouse located on the seventh. Penthouses of these dimensions sell for over a million and a half euros in the Chamberí district, one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the capital.

The regularization of the illegal works carried out on the sixth floor apartment, which the businessman is now attempting, would avoid the inspection of the City Council and the record being recorded if the supposed union of both homes was undertaken. If this work had been carried out, it would have resulted in a single residence of more than 380 square meters in one of the most expensive districts of Madrid.

An apartment purchased in the midst of a Treasury investigation

The house on the sixth floor, the one with the illegal works, was acquired by González Amador on July 27, 2022, after committing fraud against the Treasury and when the Tax Agency had already opened a tax inspection against him.

The week after formalizing the purchase, Alberto González Amador informed the City Council that he was beginning the works. It was August 4, 2022. Subsequently, the businessman disobeyed two requests from the City Council, on November 2 and December 13 of that year, to stop the reform “immediately.” However, and as published by El País, the works continued at least until December 29, despite the requirements of the City Council.

It was not until the case broke out and his judicial accusation was published that Alberto González Amador decided to regularize the situation at the home he shares with the Madrid president. Specifically, 12 days after revealed the tax fraud and the day after the main Madrid opposition party forced the future visit of an inspector to the home.

The works at his home were the subject of debate in the plenary session of the Madrid Assembly this Thursday. El País has published a video that shows the serious damage caused by the renovation in a restaurant located on the ground floor of the building. Isabel Díaz Ayuso mocked the information about the renovation of her house and said that the damage caused to the restaurant was actually “a leak.” According to information from El País, the damage forced the couple who ran the establishment to abandon the business after González Amador’s insurance compensated the hoteliers with 6,000 euros. They, who had to close the property for a month, had estimated the losses at 22,000.

Sanctions of 30,000 to 600,000 euros

Alberto González Amador is trying to regularize the works within the “procedure for reestablishing urban planning legality” opened by the Madrid City Council following a complaint from the opposition. The way to legalize the reform is by presenting a responsible declaration that attaches a technical project, even if the work has already been done. It can be presented directly by the owner of the home or by an Urban Planning Collaboration Entity (ECU), which is private and authorized to verify compliance with urban planning legality.

The City Council usually avoids opening a second process, of a sanctioning nature, when the owners proceed to regularize the work, but in this case Alberto Gonzalez Amador faces an express complaint from Más Madrid, which should force the opening of the second file. The expected fines range from 30,001 to 600,000 euros.


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