As Diego Iung defined in another noteit was “a decadent debate, without great ideas”, in which both Agustín Rossi of Union for the Homeland as Victoria Villarruel of Freedom Advances They lacked concrete proposals and proposals favorable to the great popular majorities who have been losing a little more every day for years.

The debate of vice presidential candidates had generated, at least in some sectors, a certain expectation. Centrally due to the speech of both contenders, usually loaded with chicanes and sparks. But in almost the entire special program of “A dos voices” (TN) They didn’t even give that to the audience.. A fiasco sin ideas ni tole tole.

Part of that expectation focused on two of the axes proposed in advance for the debate: “security and defense” y “justice, human rights and transparency”. That is, the topics that, at least a priori, promised to heat up the atmosphere, especially because Villarruel is part of the sectors that endorse everything done by the civic-military-ecclesiastical dictatorship and for years they have been calling for the release of torturers, rapists, disappearers and baby snatchers.

But, with notorious political-electoral calculation, the running mate of Javier Miley surprised when trying avoid mentioning all the clichés which has been repeated for years.

When talking about “security and defense”, Villarruel It reproduced (lukewarmly) the slogans of effectual manodurism and punitivism, already classic of the right. Almost the “program” of PRO. But he decided to stop there and not move forward with the more rancid initiatives that circulate through the libertarian spectrum, such as the greater empowerment of the Armed Forces And till the entry of the Army into the popular neighborhoods with the excuse of “fighting drug trafficking” (as requested by the imperialist agencies).

Bringing out his self-referentiality as a relative of a “hero of Falklands” (strictly speaking, his father was a leader of the dictatorship who commanded troops during the 1982 war), the candidate for vice president did not seem to differ much from her opponent when it came to “bank” the Armed Forces. In fact, the former Minister of Defense mentioned some “achievements” of his management in favor of the military family that Villarruel he couldn’t retort.

Speaking of Falklands, Villarruel nor could he avoid the chicane Rossi when he reminded him of the public demand that Javier Miley made of Margaret Thatcher. And he did not even appeal, as he had done in the vice debate prior to the general elections, to the case of the genocide César Santos of the Heart of Jesus Milanipromoted to head of the Army during the government of Cristina Kirchner. It is clear that “the family member” gave him a slap on the wrist and asked him not to even name the soldier most identified with Kirchnerism. Question of caste… military.

After the thematic axis of “security and defense” came that of “health, education and social policies.” And after this, the topic became “justice, human rights and transparency.” There too Villarruel seemed willing to put aside her traditional diatribes of denial and hatred of the fight for memory, truth and justice.. In fact, he had prepared his intervention focused on a long list of cases of corruption and social crimes such as José López bags o the 2013 flood in La Plata that left 90 dead. There was no mention of human rights, much less his desire for the release of repressors convicted of crimes against humanity.

Rossi, confident in the benefit that could be given by confronting his opponent with the denialism that characterizes him, took the floor and said that “during the last military dictatorship, a plan of mass extermination was carried out; It was not a war, there were no excesses and there were no errors either; The construction of memory, truth and justice is collective, it belongs to all the democratic political spaces of Argentina; “There are still more than 300 Argentines who were stolen from their mother’s womb and given to someone in the military family.” Villarruel did not bite.

Then the Chief of Staff, in a curious argumentative maneuver, vindicated former president Raúl Alfonsín for having been the first post-dictatorship constitutional president and, at the same time, he recalled the “repeal” (in truth it was cancellation) that in 2003 Congress made the laws of Final point y Due Obedience that the same Alfonsin had promoted after agreeing to impunity with the genocidaires. So, Rossi looked for it to wink at radicalism “trashed” by mercy and now distanced from Mauricio Macri y Patricia Bullrich.

In that line, Rossi he told Villarruel: “You have the same speech as the soldiers who killed radical lawyers, it is terrible. AND mercy In the last debate he replied to a speech by the genocide Massage”. And he accused her of being the only political leader who “broke” the supposed “democratic pact” agreed upon by the bourgeois political forces. But Villarruel continued a little longer without biting.

Until it stung. He first wanted to avoid the point and accused Rossi from “selling smoke” to “talk about the past and avoid the present.” But when the man from Rosario remembered not only the visits to Jorge Rafael Videla that, as a young woman, the libertarian candidate did but also her participation in marches for freedom from the genocidaires, she could not stand it and he vomited his abject denialism again.

“There are victims of Montoneros and the ERP who do not have human rights. There were not 30 thousand missing and your own government says so, stop lying to peoplein the Memory Park there are 8,751 names, where are the others? “Stop playing tricks on the missing, stop using the missing, tell the truth,” he downloaded. Villarruel.

Without taking responsibility for having marched for the genocides and having visited Saw to campaign for him, Villarruel He tried to qualify his speech. “It seems to me that we must recognize that there were victims of terrorism who do not have human rights. What I am trying to reconstruct is a part of the history that you erased, that you eliminated, that you put under the carpet. What do we do with the military who have been in preventive detention for ten years? “She said with the imposture of the wolf dressing up as a lamb.

The debate ended and more than one spectator felt the disappointment of an exchange of accusations and self-defense that seemed more like a farce rehearsal than a contrast of proposals so that the deep economic and social crisis would not be paid for, once again, by the working class and the popular sectors. Even on issues as sensitive as human rights, genocide and the criminalization of poverty, Both candidates seemed more concerned about moving to the “center”, to capture the votes that the Cambiamite diaspora can leave, than about anything else..

Chicana more, chicana less, you can’t stop marking a great coincidence between both candidates: the unconditional demand for the supposed “legitimate defense” of the State of Israel, which for almost a month has unleashed a massacre tinged with ethnic cleansing on the Palestinian people.. For neither of them it is a genocide, but rather the Zionist right to combat “terrorism of Hamas“, even when that action has already left more than 10 thousand people dead (4 thousand of them girls and boys) and hundreds of thousands of injured, hungry and sick in the Gaza Strip.

There are those in Argentina they repudiate the genocide of Hitler against the Jewish people and also the local genocides against the original towns and against the 30 thousandbut they look towards Middle East and just come to Israel “defending” On some issues, beyond the nuances for television, deniers are not the only ones to display cynicism.


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