The criminal complaint what the (still) president did Alberto Fernández to Javier Milei, far from providing a solution to the exchange rate run, gave rise to the La Libertad Avanza candidate to once again attack the national currency in front of cameras throughout the country. For the ruling party It was like throwing a boomerang.

In press conference, Milei He had the opportunity to say: “If you want to stop those responsible for the bullfights, you have to look in the mirror”; after the Government put on a show with some raids on the blue dollar caves. Which does not mean that The bullfights are music to Milei’s ears. In case there was any doubt that To carry out dollarization, salaries and incomes must be reduced of the majorities: Milei already clarified that the more the Argentine peso is trampled against the Yankee currency, the easier it will be to dollarize.

To counteract the libertarian rating, the candidate-minister Sergio Massa proposed carrying out a psychophysical examination for the candidates for president, if there were a runoff. He plays the “emotional instability” card against the rabid defender of the North American currency. But, after put together the lists for Javier Milei in the province of Buenos Aires and after calling him in the presidential debate to form a government of national unity, this deck has little edge.

Patricia Bullrich He did not want to stay out of the cameras and described Sergio Massa as “a super minister who sold solutions and today is a super disaster“. Until then he had the wit for a play on words. But the concrete thing is that less than a week ago, CArlos Melconian said that the blue dollar was very cheap.

Can anyone think of those who charge in pesos? It seems not. While the crisis accelerates, with a frenetic dance between inflation and devaluation, these candidates appeal to impact headlines, to traction the popular will at the polls on October 22. Media show, nothing more.

The purchasing power of salaries, pensions and income of the people melts“-denounced the candidate Myriam Bregman, the only one that introduced the workers’ perspective into the social debate. “The Government, subject to the IMF, ‘can’t, won’t or won’t let it’ put a stop to the bullfight,” he stated ironically, and concluded: “They know that, sooner rather than later, a new devaluation of the peso will arrive.”

The minister-candidate Sergio Massa announced that next Wednesday some 5 billion dollars would be available, from the second tranche of the swap con China, to strengthen the reserves of the Central Bank (BCRA). Even so, with each new rise in the dollar, added to the devaluation that the minister made after the PASO, and the periodic “updates” made by the BCRA, the income of the majority is falling.

own Cristina Fernández de Kirchner He came clean less than a month ago that the agreement with the International Monetary Fund is inflationary. And that, in addition to the devaluation blow that Minister Massa gave by order of the IMF, the agreement also puts pressure on devaluations. But this sincerity of the ruling party does not translate into confronting the organization that is stepping on the country’s head, nor the banks, nor the big businessmen who speculate on prices daily and push exchange rate runs. It remains there, in the speech. Better to tell the truth, right? That the anti-popular policies applied by the Peronist Government are because the IMF asks them to do so.

—And if the IMF asks you to jump off a bridge, will you jump off? -my mother would say. Better not to answer.

The only political force that denounces and confronts this from day one is the Left Front Unity, when even Peronism said that if there was no agreement with the Fund, chaos would come. But chaos has already arrivedand remember it at every opportunity Myriam Bregman: that the agreement with the Fund, in addition to bringing adjustment, is inflationary and requires devaluation of the peso and a drop in income. That is why the Left rejected it, consequently, from the beginning and that is why it organized important mobilizations to confront it. Faced with this odious debt, there is no other option than sovereign ignorance: neither accomplice, nor subjugated.

How to face this situation? In principle, an emergency increase in salaries, pensions and social benefits is urgent, so that they reach at least the basic family basket and are tied to the rate at which inflation increases. Where do we get it from? From the huge profits of the big businessmen and bankers, For example; also progressive taxes on large fortunes and millionaires.

How to prevent these increases from being passed on to prices? Workers have to intervene in defense of their income, but also in defense of the country’s resources.

With the creation of workers committees that control prices in large production centers, in large chains and in neighborhoods.

With the nationalization of the banking system and foreign trade, under the management of the workers, speculation and bull runs could be stopped. Much more effective than raiding three caves.

And of course, break with the IMF, because any agreement implies submission that becomes increasingly unbearable.

This is how Bregman summarized it: “Let the economic elite that led us to this catastrophe pay for the crisis.“.

Everything else is a media show, and a siren song, so that the working and poor people continue to be subjected to the economic power of the Yankees and the big businessmen who do business in this country.


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