The national deputy of the PTS-Left Front spoke at the beginning of the pension debate. He denounced the absence of Espert, who chairs the Budget Commission. “For him it seems that this is not urgent. They are in no hurry. But a retiree does not receive the $4 million that the president receives,” he stated.

After repudiate the very serious attack against a fellow HIJOS militant, the left-wing deputy noted: “From our party we want to express our solidarity with the colleague and her group and to ask for immediate clarification of this fact. And, of course, point out that the effort must be redoubled even more so that this Sunday, March 24, we will be hundreds of thousands in the streetsdemanding for memory, for truth, for justice, against the repression and impunity of yesterday and today.”

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He then referred to the debate called in deputies, questioning that “The Budget Committee should be part of this debate, but it is not participating because Deputy Espert, who chairs that committee, is in no hurry.. For him it seems that it is not urgent. The political officials of the government who came to combat caste are very calm with the millions they charge. But a retiree does not receive the $4 million that the president receives. They charge $200,000 with a bonus. Since the Budget Commission is not present, it cannot be ruled on. Millions of retirees are hostages to the negotiations, the give and take between Milei and the governors“.

Nicolás del Caño / Retirees / Political caste / Fiscal adjustment / José Luis Espert


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