After the approval of the Ley Bases in the House of Representatives, the scenario for Milei is far from ideal. To the anger of “the markets”, the tensions with the IMF, the criticism from sectors of the business community and from officials or advisors of the Government itself, is added what could already be defined as an attack by Mauricio Macri on the libertarian experiment.

Together, the group of deputies who respond to the head of the bench, Cristian Ritondo (the new president of the PRO of Buenos Aires this Wednesday) and the pen of the former president through the social network “X” asked Milei to comply with the ruling of the Supreme Court of December 2020 that orders the national State to restore the amount of co-participation before the change made by Alberto Fernández through a decree that same year.

“Even before being in government, we supported the current president. We knew that he would face an explosive economic and social situation, and without any conditions or speculation we supported him in his initiatives, especially in the materialization of the strategic Law of Bases,” Macri began his post. He continued: “To achieve these changes, *there is a prior condition even more important than creating new laws, and that is to comply with the existing ones, especially, to comply with the irrevocable rulings issued by the Supreme Court*. That is the case of the debt of co-participation that the Nation has with the City of Buenos Aires. I have no doubt that complying with the rulings is the will of the President, because *we all know that without institutions* (and there are no institutions if the rules are not followed), *there will be no justice, no progress, no growth, no well-being, no investments”*.

He added that “the sacrifice that all Argentines are making requires an exemplary government that complies with the law in the same way that it is required.”

In this way, Macri differentiates himself, takes distance and shows himself willing to play his own game with respect to La Libertad Avanza (LLA), after having given it full collaboration so that the Government could advance in its attack on the majorities and public resources through the Ley Bases.

This differentiation, now much more explicit, is taking place in the difficult context that the ruling party is going through as a result of the strong recession and the inconsistencies shown by Caputo’s economic plan. The other element that plays in these movements is Macri’s internal conflict with Patricia Bullrich, an official of Milei and promoter of a merger of the PRO with LLA, which the former president opposes and has been responding with maneuvers of different kinds to take power away from the yellow party. In addition to the displacement of his people in party organs to enthrone Ritondo in the PRO-PBA, there is the intention to remove her from the organ that endorses or not the electoral alliances.


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