After leaving to vote, the Left Front Candidate pointed out: “First of all, we want to call on the population to express themselves with their vote on this day. In recent days we have witnessed campaigns to disseminate the ruling party, discouraging participation to impose the weight of the large apparatuses. Faced with this, we call on them to participate and express their anger and discontent with traditional politics at the polls, strengthening their own alternative, of the great majorities, of those who are always on the same side and who never disappoint. A clear message must be given in this regard.”

Vilches then added: “In addition, we call to be very vigilant during the day because we do not rule out, in the framework of a rarefied campaign, with serious accusations crossed between the majority forces, that there are anti-democratic maneuvers of all kinds, such as those that we have already denounced in a timely manner regarding the permission for polling station prosecutors to vote without being on the register, something that does not have any control mechanisms planned.”

Finally, the teacher Laura Vilches said: “I am very proud of a campaign made from the lungs, with the strength of our convictions and that of all those who accompanied us and collaborated with an enormous display. To all of our thanks.”


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