This Monday, workers from different sectors carry out a coordinated protest on the Pueyrredón Bridge. Around 7 in the morning they gathered under the bridge and it is not ruled out that they go up to it to make their demands visible.

There they are laid off from companies Megaflex , EMA y Garbarino factory workers (who have been leading a fight for wages) and workers of GPS (outsourced company of Argentinian airlines). The protest is coordinated and they decided on it in a common meeting where, in addition, they resolved to jointly participate in the mobilization of March 24, 47 years after the genocidal coup and the national day of the Piquetero Unit called for April 5.

The national deputy of the PTS in the Left Unity Front, Nicolás del Caño, accompanies the claim of the workers before the inaction on the part of the Ministry of Labor against dismissals and employer attacks.

They are also supporting railway workers, Raízen Shell oil workers, metallurgists, Coca Cola and health workers, teachers, tertiary and university students belonging to the Mac,

Below we transcribe a statement from the Movement of Classist Groups (MAC) that disseminates the action called by these sectors of workers, to which it joins through the worker groups that compose it.


The workers of Megaflex, EMA, GPS, SitraRePa, maestranza and Garbarino, who have been fighting against unfair dismissals and for the demands of each of these sectors, carried out this Monday at 7am the cut on the Pueyrredón bridge in a coordinated manner.

With this action, and given the permanent inaction of the Ministry of Labor of the Nation, they will demand that the national government abandon its complicit attitude and immediate response to the claim of the workers and their families. “We are not going to pay with our dismissals and with labor flexibility the costs of this adjustment that they want to implement at the service of the employers,” they maintain from Megaflex.

They also highlight that numerous actions have been carried out in these months, going to the door of their workplaces, making cuts, knocking on municipal doors, mobilizing ministries, officials who ignore it. “We can’t wait any longer, and neither can our children,” say the workers in their call to court this Monday.

So that their situation is known and to demand that no family be left on the street, from the Movement of Classist Groups (MAC) this Monday we are going to accompany this coordinated action and demand that the ministry and the national government end this complicit attitude and take letters on the matter, calling for a new instance of negotiation with Megaflex and EMA, guaranteeing the salary demanded by the Maestranza workers and union rights in GPS and Sitrarepa, intimidating all employers for a favorable response, which can only be that of the reinstatement of all the dismissed and the cessation of the employer fraud, which with these attacks seeks to set a precedent to advance in the flexibility plans, in which all these companies agree.


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