Outside a unitary mobilization raised the “NO to the Morales Reform”. Inside the enclosure, Morales proclaimed himself president of the Convention. The position did not last long, during the afternoon he asked for leave. The most ephemeral convention in historythis is how he expressed it in his networks, the conventional one for the PTS, Left Front, Natalia Morales.

Morales showed that he only wanted to be on the ballot to give his list more political weight for governor, headed by his minister who is only in charge of having the accounts in order based on low salaries. Moralesin the hours that he presided over the Convention, he only reaffirmed that what he wants is to give constitutional status to the limitations of social protest. As denounced the conventional Gaston RemyIf that right is limited, all the others are limited, since only through the fight, new rights are conquered and those won are defended.

On the other hand, the right to free transit is placed above all other rights. Not only that of freedom of expression, but also the rights that are sought to be consecrated when a sector of the people takes to the streets. This is what thousands did when young people who later became victims of femicide disappeared. In those roadblocks, they fought for the right to life, because they were trying to make visible a desperate situation that ended up costing the lives of women. The Constitution of Morales and the PJ will determine that the right to free transit is above that elementary right to defend life. Needless to say that Morales is based on article 194 of the Penal Code, dictated by Onganía to prohibit the cuts. This article has been challenged in dozens of rulings. However, the radical Morales will give constitutional status to the decree imposed by the dictator who carried out a coup against his co-religionist Umberto Illia, back in 1966. It is also unconstitutional, since the National Constitution is above the provincial one. and does not contain such violation of democratic freedoms.

The voice in the venue, how could it be otherwise, was raised by the Unity Left Front. Alejandro Vilca, took the floor to express the rejection of this Convention where only rights will be curtailed. It is not for less, if what the government wants is to allow looting and adjustment, a heavy-handed Constitution is needed. Hence, the oath of the FITU conventions has highlighted the commitment to fight for “the rights that here want to be curtailed”, as various media highlighted.

It is a heavy-handed Constitution to allow a new looting, which already began with the delivery of lithium. Lithium is being discussed literally all over the world, including the Head of the Southern Command, General Richarson, who expressed her interest in the wealth generated in the province. However, in this Convention, this topic, neither the salary, nor the temporary work, nor the precarious, will be dealt with.

The color note of the day was the dissemination of the points to be discussed, where by mistake, the radicals forgot to delete their own notes, leaving written how to silence the FITU, if it was opposed and so it was.

A rigged and scripted democracy. A shame and a sample of how the role of the left within their precincts hurts radicals and Peronists. From the opening plenary it was passed to the Regulation Commission. Not surprisingly, this was approved by radicals and peronists, it was demonstrated that there is only one opposition and that it is the FITU. The PJ had threatened to ask that the votes should be done with a special majority. Just a feint, because they didn’t even orally request it.

As expected, Peronism did not raise its voice to oppose this rigged and reactionary convention, it just wants to see if it can change some minor point. If someone had any doubts with the Justicialista Party, about their position, it was clear that they agree with Morales and they voted jointly for the regulations of an anti-democratic convention, they fully integrated into it, then, the PJ, beyond the speeches campaign, today, ratified maintaining that old partnership, as minor partners of the reactionary government of Morales.

The FITU rejected the regulation, as stated in the minutesthe FITU “votes for the negative of the same, by virtue of considering that it is the regulation of a constituent reform that they consider undemocratic, reactionary and behind the problems of the working people. It states that article 5 of the law of necessity of the partial reform violates the democratic right to propose, debate or modify any aspect that is not contemplated in the articles to be modified by law.

“The same thing happened in the morning with the election of authorities. The surprise of the day, to shed more light on the anti-democratic attempts by Morales was the proposal that Jujuy vote every 4 years, instead of every 2. The example that the “republican” Morales put, it was tucumán. In this way, they seek new mechanisms so that there is a bipartisan regime, making all legislative elections joint with the executive ones. It is not just an anti-democratic measure, but a scam against the people, since he never said a word of such an attempt during his campaign. He wants not only to limit the people to voting and limit their freedom to protest, but also to limit their right to vote.

In the afternoon he made his speech in parliament, the conventional one for the PTS, Left Front, Natalia Morales and made very clear the position of his bloc against the partial reform of the Constitution. Also He recalled that the reform was managed, not only because of the votes of Morales’s ruling party, but also because of the vote that the Justicialista Party guaranteed him..

There are plenty of reasons to fight to defeat this reactionary Constituent Assembly. Today the first mobilization was made. But what it is about is putting the entire working class on its feet, which as a whole will be harmed. The unions must break their subordination to the government and the PJ, and call a provincial strike and a plan of struggle. The organizations that we mobilize make this demand and fight for this, since the majority of the union leaderships have been accomplices of the UCR and PJ regime.

The independent unions have the possibility, together with the social organizations and the left, to take the first steps, until imposing a fight equal to the attack that they declared against us. The seats of the PTS in the FITU are available to organize the broadest unity and to organize from below, committees against the reform, so that this fight is taken into their hands, by all the employed and unemployed workers, students and women.

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