Myriam Bregman, national deputy and presidential candidate for the Left Unity Frontintervened in the debate on the Rental Law in the session this Wednesday in the Chamber of Deputies.

There is a critical situation that thousands of families are experiencing in our country, and this session is to attack the pockets of working families,” said Bregman. He explained that the changes “since the repeal and the minority opinion of Together for Change, harm those who rent. It will bring the complete dollarization of rents”. The deputy from the left launched harsh criticism of economy minister Sergio Massaand candidate for president of Unión por la Patria: “I heard Minister Massa say that the rental law failed. What failed is his ministerial government. Due to unleashed inflation, because the end of the month is not reached.”

Besides, denounced the bosses’ opposition, affirming that “I know that the media are in favor of and they are going to say that the problem is the law and that you want to change it. The problem is that the changes proposed here hurt those who rent. The lobby furniture is doing a lot of effort. It is not that the deputies of the Left Front do not listen to him. But we resist. We are not going to be convinced by the lobby of the big real estate companies, of the big speculators who always take a slice of this Congress”.

Bregman also questioned Minister Massa: “It failed because there is unleashed inflation, because families cannot make ends meet. And if what Milei, Together for Change and the Schiaretti block want today is approved, the result will be catastrophic. Although Massa does not align with that bloc, we are going to denounce it forcefully. Because the uncertainty that families have today is total”.

The leftist deputy also criticized: “I know that here it is full of big owners, who don’t even go to the supermarket. But the situation is dire. If before you arrived on the 20th, now you arrive on the 15th and it seems to them that, in addition to that, you are going to take away the possibility of spending three years in a home, shorten it to two. In addition to that, you are going to add that the rent is dollarized”.

He also confronted Milei’s demagogy: “When Milei’s bloc talks about completely repealing the law, they are going back to what the dictatorship did to end any type of regulation. Do you know what happened? The emergency neighborhoods spread by thousands and thousands, because people had nowhere to live. So, what they bring as new, the truth is not very new. It has already been lived in our country”.

In that framework, denounced the strong existing social crisis. “We know that there is a huge social crisis, which can no longer be supported. We demand a general increase in salaries, a general increase in pensions, an emergency IFE now for families that do not make ends meet. We know that we are going to get it on the street, but we want to make it clear here that they cannot continue speculating with food. That is where you have to go to adjust, to those companies that have multiplied their profits by playing with the food basket. Let all the books be opened and let it be seen how much those who are crying everywhere earn. No to cutting social programs. That the food be sent to the dining rooms, as proposed by the deputy Romina del Plá. She backs down with the rates: how many more gifts do they want to give to Edenor, Edesur and all that bunch of jets ”.


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