Gustavo Petro, 22 days later, got the “prophecy” about the children right. Photo montage

On May 18, the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, had announced on his Twitter account the meeting of the four children of the Uitoto indigenous ethnic group who were inside the plane. Hours later, however, he used the same platform to recant the lack of confirmation of the location of survivors. Twenty-two days later, the good news was confirmed.

At the time, he wrote:

“I’m sorry for what happened. The Armed Forces and indigenous communities will continue to seek tirelessly to give the country the news everyone has been waiting for. Now, there is no higher priority than advancing the searches until you find them. The lives of children are the most important thing.”

This Friday (09), moved by the happy outcome of the case, the Colombian president declared: “An example of survival that will go down in history. The jungle mother gave them back.”

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