The national deputy of the PTS-Frente de Izquierda was on Crónica TV and debated with Fernando Iglesias, a PRO deputy who defends Milei’s adjustment policy with his mega DNU. He watches the full video.

Christian Castillonational deputy of the PTS-Left Front, passed through TV Chronicle and there he analyzed the terrible consequences of the mega DNU announced by Milei. She did so in debate with the PRO deputy, Fernando Iglesias, who defends the official policy. The left-wing national leader referred to various issues. Here we leave some of the most notable definitions of him. You can watch the full debate in the video.

  • “The vast majority of working people in Argentina are experiencing a terrible level of anguish and we are going to see it in the Christmas and New Year toasts, which are going to be among the saddest in Argentina, perhaps since the Coup of ’76. He DNU is an instrument that is in the Constitution if there is a need and urgency, but there is not.”.

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  • “What he is doing Milei is an electoral scam. He said that he was going to adjust to the caste and not to the working people. And since he came up, first with Caputo’s measures and now with the DNU or the bills that he is sending, has shown that it will adjust wildly. With a savagery that has no precedent in national history. It is still going much further than Martínez de Hoz went.”
  • “Milei does not believe that there has to be formalized work. No, he believes that the businessman can do what he wants. Take it into perspective. He is going to defund the retirement funds. Why am I going to register you if by not registering you I won’t have any fine? The DNU establishes that if there are companies that have up to five workers, they are no longer workers. Fines for unregistered work are eliminated; Overtime is eliminated, a bank of hours is created. If you now charge overtime, they can make you work 12 hours and you will not charge an extra peso. It is a redesign of the country, like a dictatorship of capital, like we have never seen in history. “If this happens, it’s still a part of what he wants to do.”

    – “The attempt to prevent people from demonstrating is evident. But March 8, women will not be able to march in the street. On March 24, when they protest against the Dictatorship, you will not be able to march through the streets. This was a demonstration, which they tried to prohibit and could not achieve because we marched and marched on the street anyway, despite what Patricia Bullrich wanted.”

    “Milei frees everything for you, everything goes up, but the only thing that doesn’t go up is the population’s income. So it is driving poverty very high. It was already 40% and it is taking it to 60%. The specific result of the Caputo and Milei’s first measures are to raise poverty by at least 20%”.

    “It is false that 56% voted for Milei for this program. 30% voted for it. That is why it has a very limited parliamentary representation.. Then they voted for him in the runoff as a lesser evil, with a borrowed vote. In a runoff they vote for you so that someone doesn’t win.”

    The DNU is tailored to some business groups. The big magnates who already have a million hectares in Patagonia can now buy 2 or 3 million. The owners of power, who are with Milei, wrote every article of the DNU for him. Do you know who wrote the labor chapters? Law firms of large companies. The Mining Code? The large mining companies. It is the direct dictatorship of capital”.

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