Christian Castillo, national deputy of the FITU, was on LN+ as a right of reply to the explanations made by José Luis Espert on Thursday in the context of the scandal over the latter’s appointment as president of the Budget Commission of the Chamber of Deputies.

After the scandal in the Budget Commission over the appointment of José Luis Espert as its president, while the use of the floor was restricted to the deputies present, Christian Castillo was able to make a reply when interviewed by LN+.

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The recently elected national deputy for the Left Front explained that the challenge to Espert is based on the very serious usual practice of threatening con “Jail or bullet” to left-wing deputies, as it was to Myriam Bregman weeks ago. “For him to say that male and female deputies must be put in jail or shot is a very serious intimidation” and even more so that “he treats us as criminals,” he stated.

These events produced at least seven criminal complaints against Espert for threats, and Despite this, and despite the fact that he treats other deputies as criminals, he was appointed president of the Congressional Budget Commission.

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Castillo explained on LN+ that the seriousness of Espert’s constant statements lies in the incitement to repression and violence against opposition deputies, but also against anyone who demonstrates in the streets. “He says that the bullet can be rubber, taser, pepper spray, or lead, in a country where we have murders like Kosteki and Santillán,” referring to the victims of the 2002 repression at the hands of the police.

Regarding the situation that occurred in the Commission when the microphone was silenced, added to the threats, he declared that “It is a serious procedure to silence the opposition.”

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