The national deputy of the Left Front spoke at the meeting that took place this Thursday. That space presented a bill so that DNU 70/23 was rejected and declared absolutely null.

This Thursday the DNU bicameral meeting took place. Although they are not members of the commission, the deputy national Christian Castillo (PTS-Frente de Izquierda) was there to refer to the discussions about decree 70/23 that implies an attack on multiple sectors.

In his speech he noted, among other things, that “The national government officials did not come because they cannot demonstrate either the need or the urgency of the 70/23 decree. It was simply a totally unconstitutional decree, where the Executive Branch assumed the power to legislate. But Congress has functioned throughout January, on matters that are its own. It is evident that If the plenary sessions of both chambers meet, the DNU will be rejected”.

He also maintained that “None of the circumstances provided for by the Constitution for the legality of the DNU were present.. What is the tactics of the ruling party in the face of this very possible rejection of the DNU? Buy time. Talk, talk, and invent excuses so that the substance is not addressed. And while generating legal acts so that the valid aspects of the decree continue to act. This is serious, because this is what the population suffers. Those who rent today are already facing situations where they have a contract for 3 months.”.

Castillo also referred to the fact that “The Government is based on DNU 70 to carry out this disastrous action of violation of freedom of expression and liquidation of jobs, which is the closure of the Télam news agency. She is trying to carry it forward with the opposition of her workers.”

Finally, he noted that “From the Left Front we have presented a project so that we not only reject the DNU but also so that it be declared insanely null everything acted based on it. We call on the deputies and senators to support this project, let us stop going around the premises and reject and declare null and void this DNU, which is part of the Combo of measures of this government to extract income from workers, extract income from retired and now be producing something that is a collapse of commerce and industry.”

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