The compañera opened the press conference Melanie from communities, raising the media siege of the national media and thanked “the brothers of the press who are present here today.” And he added: “We are not sleepy. We hope that teachers will join today, as the original peoples have joined in their fight for a good salary. We want fellow doctors, professionals, merchants, peoples to join international”.

Finally, he affirmed that “the compañeros of native peoples have not come to ask for a plan. They have come to ask for rights, land to produce.” and he called for the mobilization called for Tuesday the 20th from the Obelisk to the House of Jujuy.

The Nobel Peace Prize, Adolfo Perez Esquiveland the mother of Plaza de Mayo, Nora Cortiñasthey sent an adhesion to the press conference and support for the struggle of the people of Jujuy, as well as Sergio Maldonado.

The legislator from Jujuy for the PTS-Left Front continued with the floor, Natalia Moraleswho had been one of those arrested on Saturday the 18th, claiming “that at this moment the cut is being maintained by the indigenous communities in Purmamarca, in Tilcara, in Humahuaca, in Abra Pampa.”

“They shot at us, I saw how they fiercely shot us in the face with rubber bullets, tear gas, how they fiercely detained indigenous women. How they dragged me between four policemen to get into a police van. How they detained journalists like lucho aguilar of The Left Daily. But the resistance that existed at that time was also enormous. Members of the indigenous communities defended the territories, the water, they stood up again against the looting of lithium,” added legislator Morales.

Finally, he said that “this reform that was voted between roosters and midnight was voted for by radicalism but also the PJ legislators raised their hands in favor. They hugged and celebrated while the people of Jujuy were mobilized outside. While teachers fought for salary. Jujuy has lost its fear, that is what it wants to hide. There are plenty of reasons for the union centrals to call an indefinite strike. Because the reform of Morales and the PJ can be reversed, it can be brought down, as well impose the agenda of the native peoples, of the teachers as well as of all the people of Jujuy”.

Myriam Bregman, national deputy of the PTS-Frente de Izquierda Unidad, denounced the agreement between Morales and the Peronism of Jujuy. “The embrace between Peronism and radicalism shows the infamy that occurred in the Morales constitutional convention. Gerardo Morales had proposed a tougher, more repressive reform. And as a result of days and days of teachers’ struggle, of the communities’ struggle, he had to withdraw the points that were fundamental to him. One of them eliminate the elections every two years. Another, that the party that won was left with the majority in the Legislature. In addition, he already manages Jujuy’s justice ”.

In addition, he denounced that “this enlarges the role of the PJ, which sank into a lead lifeline, but chose to support the looting of lithium and low wages. That is the same thing that Sáenz does in Salta, who lives repressing teaching”.

CELS victory reported that this body had submitted a request for the Government of Jujuy to suspend the implementation of the constitutional reform. In addition, he denounced that “the vote was taken in record time, without people knowing what the text was about. The reforms are very serious, in terms of rights, access to housing. Attacking a fundamental right, which is the right to protest. What we see in Jujuy is that society rose up to reject this reform. We demand that the authorities suspend the reform, that police intervention in the sources of protest cease.

A on turn, Vilma Ripoll, leader of the MST, pointed out that “we have to vindicate our compañeras and compañeros, who were in the Constituent Assembly and who were mistreated. Morales told them that they could not speak. He did that because they have to meet the objectives that the Fund asks of them, which tells them that they have to deliver all natural resources. They come for the communities first and they come for everything else later.

Another of the community representatives added that “we call for unity, we hope this is much bigger, with colleagues from all the organizations, from all the unions. That all the Argentine people rise up to stop this. If the people have lifted is because it is going against the rights of our brothers and the workers. These roadblocks are not going to be lifted until the reform falls and until the government ends.”

Juan Carlos Giordano, leader of IS, pointed out that “tomorrow there will be a great mobilization in support of that enormous rebellion of the town of Jujuy, where the teachers were at the forefront, which joined the original communities in defense of their land against the looting multinationals. This occurs in Jujuy, but they are applied in many provinces, where both radicals and Peronists govern.


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