As reported by the workers, the subway concessionaire company Emova, together with the Buenos Aires Government, unilaterally and without explanation broke the negotiating table with the AGTSyP. In them, the parity and working conditions were being debated. The highlights were the complete and total de-bestization of the subway and the reduction of the weekly working day, demands that the workers have been making for some time.

To achieve this unilateral breakdown of the negotiating table, the company and the Government use the UTA union bureaucracy as an ally against the workers. The demands presented long ago and still unresolved pushed the vast majority of workers enrolled in the AGTSyP to take self-defense measures. This Friday the six subway lines and the premetro were paralyzed starting at 7 p.m. until the service closed.

Declares Claudio Dellecarbonara, member of the AGTSyP secretariat “While we have suspended the forceful measures that we had voted to participate in a dialogue table at the City’s Undersecretary of Labor to resolve the comprehensive de-bestization of the network, medical surveillance for all workers and the reduction of working hours, “The City Government and the concessionaire meet with an organization that represents only 10% of subway workers trying to impose changes in our working conditions and salaries.”.

Emova and the City Government ignore the majority union organization of the subway, as well as the demands that have been unresolved for months. Unfortunately, once again the users are the ones harmed by a company that does not care about the service, nor the health of the workers and passengers. “We hold the City Executive and Emova responsible for this situation and its consequences. We will continue to fight in defense of our health and that of millions of users, carrying out all the corresponding measures to obtain the response that corresponds to us.said Dellecarbonara.

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