This weekend the fight is resumed, the nurses once again carry out a 2-hour strike due to the reduction in their working hours and against unsanitary conditions. They are asking that the 12 hours of rest be respected without taking away their conquered rights, that is, they are asking to work 2 hours less, reduce the working day from 14 to 12 hours. The Hospital Council, aligned with what the national government of Massa, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Alberto Fernández, along with the Yankee co-government of the IMF, are asking for, propose a reduction in wages in exchange for the hourly reduction, they do not they pay holidays, a right that was conquered with the struggle.

Furthermore, it occurs in the context of 8% inflation in which salaries are not enough, moonlighting grew a lot, there are 4.2 million poor boys and girls who are suffering from a food crisis and an overwhelmed health system that cannot provide care to those who need it. At the Garrahan hospital there are beds in the corridors, classrooms that have been transformed into hospitalizations, something never seen before, and we are not yet at the peak of bronchiolitis. The Elizalde hospital also has its guard collapsed and on Friday there was a fire like in Gutiérrez, guards also, in the province of Buenos Aires, collapsed, hospitals without shifts and at the Santojanni hospital they want to close the pediatric guard.

From the Brown Health Group of the PTS, on the Left Front, we stand in solidarity with the struggle of the franchisors and it seems important to us the unity of the entire health team to fight every turn for our demands. Let’s fight for 12 hours in franks and 6 hours in the entire hospital, hiring more workers, transfer to the outsourced and contracted plant, starting salary equal to the family basket and indexed to inflation. It is important to organize ourselves in each sector and shift and hold general assemblies to discuss our reorganization of the hospital and our salary. Let’s defend public health so that families have quality care and not the overcrowding we see today, among other things. Let’s convene a general assembly to fight for all of the above.

We need a unique and free system, centralized from the state, under the control of workers and users, investment in more hospitals and health centers, organized based on social needs. Let the money go to health and not to pay an illegal and fraudulent debt to the IMF.


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