This Friday the Ministery of security published in the Official bulletin a resolution that proposes reinstalling a series of “protocols” of actions of the federal repressive forces. Measures that had already been applied by the same Patricia Bullrich during the government of Mauricio Macriwith zero “success” in terms of public “security” and leaving a pile of dead.

The Resolution 53/2024effective today, repeals another from the same Ministry, the 1231/2019which had signed Sabina Frederic barely assumed the government of Alberto Fernandez. Although this Thursday, in a press conference, Bullrich emphasized the change of directives only for the naval PrefectureStrictly speaking, the resolution that has just been signed is the first step to bring the Federal policethe Gendarmeriethe Airport Security Police and the b.

This is explained by the same minister in her Resolution 53: “The Cabinet of Advisors Unit (of the Ministry, NdR) is entrusted with the preparation, within a period of thirty (30) days, of new draft protocols to replace those that were repealed by the Resolution 1231 on December 20, 2019.”

On that date, Frederic had resolved to repeal some of the internal regulations of the Ministry implemented by the Macri government, such as the “General Regulations for the Use of Firearms by Members of the Federal Security Forces” (November 2018), the “General Regulations for the Use of Non-Lethal Electronic Weapons” (May 2019), the creation of the “Voluntary Civic Service in Values” (July 2019) and “Offenders on Trains Program” (October 2019).

After the resignation of Frederic in the Ministry, he came to replace him Anibal Fernandezwho despite her devotion to the Police and her historical alignments with the security right, validated those decisions of her partner and kept those regulations implemented by the Minister of State repealed. Macri.

It is that, by giving the uniformed unlimited firepower and impunitythose regulations and protocols of Bullrich they collided against Argentina’s own lawssuch as that of Internal Security, against National Constitution and against international deals on human rights and democratic freedoms to which the Argentine State adheres.

Today, in its “second time”, Bullrich resumes the manodurista initiative and seeks to reimplant those “protocols” of coercion on the population. As is known, a first chapter of that defense is the new “Public Order Protocol”a set of instructions for the actions of federal forces in the face of labor and social demonstrations that oppose their beneficial policies of large corporations.

As this newspaper already reported, The “anti-picketing protocol” has been failing completely in their “theoretical” purposes (even the uniformed men themselves they rape him regularly), although in its attempt at practical application it caused injuries to hundreds of protesters (some serious, as in the case of the lawyer Matías Aufieri) and several arbitrary and illegal arrests. Although from the “libertarian” perspective, true “success” may lie in those wounds and arrests.

The Government seeks to justify the “new” measures (which Bullrich will announce “step by step”) with the excuse that “in recent times the agents have risked their lives to the limit” and “the criminals surpass them in firepower.” This is what the minister said verbatim in her press conference this Thursday. She clings, once again, to a fallacy that cannot be supported by any serious statistics and that forces officials and media propagandists to focus their “arguments” on the mere reporting of the most brutal cases of violence and crime. Tragic stories whose setting is the large urban agglomerations of a country mired in poverty and the precariousness of life for millions of inhabitants.

Chocobar Doctrine

Of the regulations and protocols repealed in 2019 by Fredericone of those who are most interested in reviving Bullrich is that of “use of firearms by members of the federal security forces”. Signed by her in November 2018, this “protocol” quickly became popular as “Chocobar Doctrine”in honor of the Buenos Aires Police agent who, in December 2017, murdered a man from behind. Pablo Kukocan 18-year-old young man who ran unarmed after carrying out a violent robbery in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Boca.

For that crime, in 2021 Chocobar was condemned by a Juvenile Court of the City of Buenos Aires. The judges said without hesitation that the police officer failed to comply with “national and international regulations” on the use of weapons. But For Bullrich the murderer was always a hero. Hence one of his doctrinal creations is named after him.

According to the database of the Coordinator against Police and Institutional Repression (Correpi)during the first management of Bullrich (2015-2019), federal forces committed 159 murders from behind or of unarmed peoplethat is, by the practical application of the Chocobar Doctrine. The number is overwhelming when compared to the executions committed by the same forces during the passage of the Front of All in the Government, that is, when the Bullrichian “protocols” were repealed. Between 2019 and 2023 Corrupted recorded 124 deaths in that category. That is to say that with Macri-Bullrich There were 35 more cases. The data is not minor, since Peronism also strived to empower the repressive forcesgranting them impunity for their crimes, especially during the quarantine due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Illegal, illegitimate and criminal

The failed minister works on impulse, always guided by her reactionary ideology. Given the harsh defeat of the project Omnibus Lawwhich among other things modified the Penal Code giving the State more power of violence and coercion over the population, now wants to save via “ministerial resolutions” some of what that outdated mamotreto was proposed.

Now It is proposed to enable police, gendarmes, prefects and federal penitentiaries to shoot anyone who crosses them and is “suspicious” of having committed what may be considered a “crime” for them. A cosmic delirium, if it were not a specific policy of the woman who has been losing every endeavor for years.

Thus, the “new” protocols prepared Bullrich They will pass, as they did during the Macrismo, above national laws and international conventions on the use of weapons by State forces.

The Government, appealing to its security rhetoric, seeks to expand the range of facts and circumstances that would enable the use of lethal weapons by those in uniform. If you have as reference the Chocobar Doctrinethat would include the troops are no longer obliged to shout “stop” when they chase someone, at the same time they can use their short or long weapons against people who, whether armed or not, are running without being reached. This action would be enabled even when it is not certain that the persecuted person has committed a crime. In short, license to kill.

Like its previous protocols, the initiative Bullrich tramples all the recommendations placed on the “Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials”voted in Havana in 1990 during a congress of the United Nations Organization (UN).

In 1991, these principles were incorporated into Argentine legislation with the enactment of the Internal Security Law (No. 24,059). In its article 22, the current law precisely says that police forces “must incorporate into their regulations the recommendations of the UN Code of Professional Ethics.”

In addition to “enforcing the law,” both the UN and national regulations indicate that the members of the repressive forces must “protect human dignity” and “the human rights of all people.” Hence, they must use “non-violent means before resorting to the use of lethal weapons, authorizing their use only when other means are ineffective.” And if its use is “inevitable,” repressive agents “must act in proportion to the severity of the damage, respecting and protecting human life”. Everything opposite to what you want Bullrich.

Turning her back on these regulations, the minister makes a series of conceptual and legal amalgamations with the sole objective of watering the popular neighborhoods with blood in order to intimidate the sectors of the population who want to resist economic and social policies of looting and hunger that drives Freedom Advances.

If the legal use of firearms is only permitted when it is “unavoidable” to protect one or more lives, what Bullrich Today, seeking to authorize police officers to also shoot upon the mere suspicion of a “flight” or “resistance to authority” (even from people who do not even carry a weapon) is a sample of their “vision” of the world, where The “good” and the “bad” are identified according to what the “forces of heaven” dictate.. The political-messianic arbitrariness that characterizes the government of mercyeager to establish a civil dictatorship in Argentina.

Because there is something else. Far from being given “coldly”, the new directives seek to gain a foothold in a context in which The practice of trigger-happy action and the creation of “confrontations” that justify the deaths of “suspects” are well-known. at the hands of all the police in the country. The records of Buenos Aires, Tucuman, Buenos Aires, Chubut, Cordoba, Santa Fe, Corrientes, Mendoza and all the provincial forces are full of cases of this state crime. Not to mention the Federal, the Gendarmerie, the Prefecture, the PSA and the SPF, for two months directly controlled by Bullrich.

With these records, it is more than clear that the new “protocols” are welcomed by the watchdogs of big capital. The fury with which gendarmes, federal officers and prefects injured more than 800 people during last week’s protests in front of Congress (some even wearing “libertarian” badges), demonstrates the level of alignment of troops with Milei policies and his manodurista accomplices. Something for which will have to preparenot only in terms of legal defense in the face of such abuses but also in regard to measures arising from the population itself, especially from its organizations and collective meeting spaces, in order to prevent and confront these attacks police.

Surely the “protocols” of Bullrich and his henchmen to give way to the execution of people will clash with precautionary measures and criminal complaints because of what it means in terms of violation of human rights and democratic freedoms. So it’s happeningin part, with the “anti-picketing protocol”. It will be a first step on the path of twisting the arm of the general policies of Freedom Advancesbased on hunger and repression of working people for the benefit of large corporations national and multinational. Not pass.


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