MetaMask is one of the largest wallet providers in the world within crypto and this party is currently doing fantastic. Over the past four months, MetaMask’s number of monthly active users grew by an impressive 55 percent.

Of course, this has everything to do with the explosive price action that Bitcoin and Ethereum have achieved in recent months.

MetaMask makes it fairly easy for users to store their crypto in their own wallet. In principle, that is of course the basic idea behind crypto. The idea that you can remain in control of your own assets, without having to rely on a bank or other financial intermediaries.

The only “disadvantage” is that with MetaMask you basically also use an intermediary. After all, with a MetaMask wallet you do not run your own node, with which you verify all transactions in the cryptocurrency network.

So you’re not quite there yet with a MetaMask wallet, but it does work for many people. It’s simple and you can get started quickly in the crypto world.

The only danger is that MetaMask can sometimes be susceptible to hacks. A small mistake is easily made and unfortunately it can theoretically be fatal with these types of wallets. Have you ever had problems with your own wallet?

The number of monthly active users of MetaMask increased from 19 million to more than 30 million from September 2023 to January 2024.

That marks an increase of 55 percent. This brings MetaMask close to its record of 31.7 million monthly active users from January 2022. That was of course a few months after Bitcoin and Ethereum reached all-time highs.

Remarkably, the number of searches on Google containing the word “crypto” is still far from the peaks we saw earlier.

Thus, it seems safe to conclude that the general public is not yet back when it comes to crypto.

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