The various assemblies in the western zone of the GBA that coordinate and resist Milei’s plans.

A few days after the national strike and while the “rosca” continues in Congress, the assemblies of the western area of ​​the Buenos Aires suburbs met again this week, made pot-banging, in some cases with street blockages, among other activities. This happened in Morón, Ituzaingó, Hurlingham, Moreno, in Merlo both in the center and in Padua, in Ciudadela and in La Matanza in the towns of Ramos Mejía, Laferrere, Ciudad Evita and tonight in Rafael Castillo. In all of them, the proposals prepared by the coordination of assemblies in the area were debated.

This week the debate in the assemblies focused on the preparation of the national strike, in the midst of the “thread” between the Government and the “collaborationist” legislators who negotiate behind the people’s backs to speed up the approval of the Law in Congress. Bus, which put the assemblies on alert and ignited debates in the large WhatsApp groups where it is shared that if there is a session in the chambers, it would be necessary to mobilize; several assemblies have even already voted on this demand to the centers and declared themselves on “alert”. and mobilization.” It was also confirmed that each deputy and senator has to publicly express how they will vote in Congress, assemblies distrust legislators and want to identify traitors.

Faced with this situation, all the assemblies ratified the demand to the union centers that a plan of struggle is needed until the DNU, the Omnibus Law and the anti-protest protocol fall, and with that central demand they will march on the day of the strike, with their own flag. the 10 western assemblies, as there is growing distrust in the traditional leadership of the unions. In several assemblies, the following were also voted: an increase in salaries, pensions and social plans, the denunciation of specific attacks on culture and the environment, among others.

The flag that will head the column of the assemblies of the western zone of the GBA

According to what was resolved in the majority of the base assemblies, the day of January 24 will begin with a cacerolazo at Hospital Posadas from 10 am and then join the surrounding stations of the Sarmiento train to march together. This activity will focus on the defense of health that the Government’s measures attack and against threats of layoffs. The assemblies, where Posadas workers spoke, seek with this previous activity also to provide support to workers who are threatened, precarious or persecuted, who want to stop but their unions do not support them; and since the CGT and the transport unions will provide a normal service that day until 7 p.m., they feel more exposed.

In turn, each local assembly is preparing its own flags and posters, open radios and previous noises and on the 24th from mid-morning they will board at the Sarmiento train stations in their localities, to gather together in Once from 12 hs, together with the railway workers of the Railway Union, the combative sectors of the Posadas Hospital and the Western Transportation company (AEO), among other sectors of workers who are part of these organizational bodies.

In Once, the assemblies of the neighborhoods of CABA will also gather at noon, demanding a plan of struggle until the Government’s package of measures falls, with which they will seek to converge, to march towards the city center together with the Truth and Memory Memory Meeting. Justice, among other organizations independent of the union bureaucracy, which share that we must continue with the fighting measures, are betting on the response from below and do not trust in Justice or in the negotiations between the clock and midnight in Congress.

For the return of the mobilization, some assemblies decided to organize cacerolazos at night (an initiative that arose in CABA assemblies) so that all those who will not be able to mobilize at noon to the center of the City can express themselves and participate.

There are only a few days left before the strike, which are key for the assemblies to redouble their efforts to help the largest number of workers who are willing to stop and encourage massive mobilization from each of the localities by joining the march all together so that It is heard in the heart of the mobilization in Caba that we are not going to stop until the entire Government attack falls.

Wednesday 24E could be the beginning of the counteroffensive to the policy of the Government and its collaborators, and we have the challenge of giving continuity to the process of democratic organization of the assemblies and strengthening coordination by linking the popular assemblies to the places of work and study of closeness. Unite the strength of all those who are determined to fight until the Government’s plan is defeated.

Below we share the networks of the different assemblies and groups in the western zone so that they can contact and participate


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