Myriam Bregman and Christian Castillo, national representative and representative elected by the PTS – Left Front, participated in the mobilization to Plaza de Mayo in repudiation of the genocide of the Palestinian people. There they were interviewed by C5N. Watch the full video.

Main definitions:

  • Bregman: “The Left Front is one of the groups that is participating, this call is headed by Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nora Cortiñas that has already arrived, the APDH is here, that is, many organizations that have joined something that is part of mobilizations around the world. Today in London there was a mobilization so large that it is estimated that it is the largest in 50 years in that city. That is A very large movement is awakening around the world, with a lot of youth participation, saying no to genocide, stop the bombings. And of course we understand that our country cannot be oblivious to that, that’s why we are here.”
  • Castillo: “Myriam mentioned London, but today it was also Paris, it was South Africa. And that is beyond the opinions you have about Hamas, it is mobilizing on the five continents because there are truly already 11,000 murdered as a result of the action of the forces Israeli defense forces, more than 4,000 and almost 5,000 are children, schools have been bombed, hospitals have been bombed, caravans of people who are fleeing are bombed in what is another component of this, which is a true ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. I believe that In Argentina we have to be more and more to help stop a genocide. We are repudiating the deniers in our country, we cannot be a denier of what we are seeing almost blatantly today because, I insist, children are being killed, women are being killed, and this cannot be allowed.“.
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