The Left Front deputy spoke in the first part of the session, with a privilege motion against President Milei and his statements about bribes. “The consequences are paid by the working people.” She also denounced those who collaborate with the Government’s proposals and called for mobilization these days. In the end, an insult from a libertarian activist sparked rejection from the venue.

  • “This motion of privilege is against President Javier Miley for his statements: he talked about bribes first, then about suitcases and suitcases, he even indicated sectors, he talked about tobacco, biodiesel, oil companies. So we cannot begin this session as if nothing happened, talk about institutions, governability, but you know what, Mr. President? The consequences of those bribes from those suitcases are paid by the working people, none of those who are here pay them, they are not paid by those governors who filled their mouths talking about “the little pituquitos of Recoleta” but who do not mind going to a department of Recoleta to change the opinion that supposedly should have come from the commissions. There are some times that Recoleta seems very bad to them and it seems that other times it doesn’t, it seems like a nice Buenos Aires neighborhood to them.”
  • “So, Mr. President, since these consequences are paid by the working people, those who get up every day to work, the retirees of our country pay, we cannot begin this session as if nothing happened here. Because those suitcases, because those bribes, which nothing more and nothing less mentioned by the President of the Nation, may be coloring what is voted here. Does anyone put their hands in the fire and say that we are not going to see it in the vote in particular, we are going to see it in the vote in general? “You cannot start the session as if nothing has happened here.”
  • “That is why we from the Left Front not only present a rejection opinion but we present an observation that was not printed, it is not in what all the deputies have about the bank. Please know that we present an observation for what happened after the issuance and presentation of the opinions and we also present you a note challenging everything that is discussed here, because this is not a law, it is many laws and they constitute a real exchange.”
  • “There are not enough words to describe how shameful this treatment has been, Mr. President. The truth is that calling extraordinary sessions to discuss a law and forgetting to put it in the call for the extraordinary session is in the Guinness Book. Look, you have to forget about setting the law that you wanted it to be about. And they forgot, do you know why? Because there are bourgeois gentlemen like Caputo, Sturzenegger who speak better English than Spanish, who crawl in front of the IMF but here they are all crocodiles and they say I’m not going to the commissions and they don’t come. And they are summoned eight or nine times from different blocks and they do not come. Because they know they are unpunished, because they are unpunished for the economic and financial crimes that the Alliance government committed, that the Macri government committed and they think that they are going to obtain impunity again, that is why they do not come. That’s why they don’t come to explain, that’s why they forget to lay down the law and have us discussing things that aren’t there. That’s why while we were here listening to sectors of children, environmentalists, feminism, teachers who came to explain how the whole change in the civil code affects, the terrible changes in the penal code, the changes in retirements and how they affect retirees and retired. These gentlemen meet elsewhere, discuss what they want with whoever they want, in the office they want and if they like it better in Recoleta. They don’t care at all that the changes in labor law are going to lead to extreme levels of unregistered work, much worse than what we have today. Because they know that everything human is foreign to them, they only care about their pockets, that’s why they sign blank, that’s why it’s changed later, that’s why they do what they want.”
  • “To finish, I want to highlight that it did not go through the corresponding commissions, that vice is insurmountable nullity, they can vote what they want today but if they are voting for a reform of the Penal Code it has to go through the Penal Commission. Don’t think this debate ends here. This debate has just begun. The only thing I hope is that today, in the days that this session lasts, there will be many and many who are out here. Because the only language these governments understand is that of mobilization. We come from a great strike with mobilization a few days ago, we have to continue reinforcing that tool that is the only tool that the people have, the only tool that we have had for women to achieve our rights and the only tool that guarantees workers Let them not blow everything up because they come to do that. Thank you very much Mr. President.”
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