While the police regime of Gerardo Morales represses, the national deputies and leaders of the PTS and the Frente de Izquierda Unidad came out to respond to Alberto Fernández, who wanted to disassociate himself from the responsibility of Peronism in the situation in the province. Meanwhile, most of the national referents of Unión por la Patria continue in silence despite the very serious situation. In the last few minutes, Cristina Kirchner tweeted, also omitting the role of Peronism.

This Tuesday, the radicalism of Gerardo Morales and Peronism continue the game of political polarization, accusing each other of responsibility for what is happening in Jujuy, where a harsh repression has been unleashed against the people of the province who have been mobilizing since weeks ago in the streets against the totalitarian reform.

While Morales accuses Peronism of violence (hiding the repressive role of his repressor from his police regime, which has already left serious injuries and acts even with plainclothes police and even arrested a deputy and journalists), Peronism seeks to “accuse to the right”, hiding that Peronism is the one who voted for Morales’ constitutional reform, not to mention the repressive role of Peronism in other provinces such as Salta, about which they are silent. Although, to tell the truth, most of the national referents of Unión por la Patria remain silent despite the very serious situation.

In this framework, President Alberto Fernández tweeted this morning. Myriam Bregman and Nicolás del Caño came out to answer him.

Later, Cristina Kirchner herself spoke out on Twitter denouncing Morales, also omitting the role of Peronism in the province.

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