A loophole in United States law allowed an almost unbelievable situation: Mickey Barreto, a 48-year-old Brazilian naturalized in the USA, booked a room at the New Yorker hotel for one night, at a cost of around US$200, and lived there. grace for five years. It all started when Barreto attempted to enter into a room lease under New York’s rent stabilization law.

Even after the refusal, Barreto began to present himself as the owner of the hotel, even demanding rent from one of the tenants, registering the enterprise in his name with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection for water and sewage payments. He is accused by American justice of forging documents to try to legitimize his speech.

In an interview with Globo TVthe man identifies himself as Cristóvão Colombo Segundo and leader of a Brazilian indigenous tribe.

The Hotel New Yorker is a historic site located in Manhattan, New York. It opened in 1930 and has had a rich history since then. Located at 481 Eighth Avenue, between 34th and 35th Streets, the hotel is known for its distinctive Art Deco style and impressive architecture.

The New Yorker Hotel has been a New York landmark over the years and has hosted a variety of famous guests, including political leaders, celebrities and prominent figures. Additionally, the hotel has been the site of significant events and is frequently featured in films, television programs and literature.

Source: https://www.ocafezinho.com/2024/04/02/brasileiro-viveu-de-graca-por-anos-em-hotel-de-nova-york-e-agora-pode-ser-preso/

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