Far-right politician Javier Milei
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Former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and the far-right Argentine deputy and likely candidate for the presidency, Javier Milei, held a videoconference this Wednesday morning (15) to discuss strategies that boost the return of the far right to power. power in Latin America, after the significant defeats in Peru (2021), Chile (2021), Colombia (2022) and Brazil (2022).

The two would also have talked about holding a “congress of the right” in Argentina, which will have general elections in October. Polls indicate a possible victory for the center-right opposition in the country.

“This Wednesday morning, Jair Bolsonaro and I are going to make a call. Basically, we are building a strategy to confront the left at an international level. And one possibility that we are also working on is to hold a kind of congress of the right in Argentina”, said Milei, to the TN news channel.

The presidential candidate in Argentina also defended that there were no terrorist acts or any attempt at a coup d’état on January 8 in Brasilia, when Bolsonarists attacked the headquarters of the Three Powers.

“It is a big lie that there could be a coup d’état. It can’t be that. On one side you have the Armed Forces; on the other, unarmed people. That the unarmed can defeat the armed is strange. They sold another lie,” said Milei.

He even accused Lula of repressing the protesters instead of clarifying that there was no fraud. “Let’s finish with the other lie. There was a very muddy election in the result. People spent 70 days asking them to clarify things, but Lula did not clarify things. She repressed. If he had the truth on his side, he should have shown the data. Let Lula demonstrate that there was no fraud. Lula never bothered to clarify”.

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