The American presidential elections are slowly approaching. In November, the people of the United States will elect their new leader.

It was already clear that crypto will play a bigger role than ever in these upcoming elections. For example, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has taken a pro-crypto position in recent weeks. But now current president and Democrat Joe Biden also seems to be slowly changing tack.

According to various sources, Biden’s campaign team is exploring the possibilities of receiving crypto donations

The crypto war between Biden and Trump

Since last month, Trump has been receiving crypto donations through Coinbase Commerce. These donations are of such proportions that Biden now also plans to receive crypto donations via the same platform.

The Biden administration’s crypto move is not just because of the welcome additional revenue. It is also a way to show the crypto community that Biden is moving with the times and is open to crypto. Over the past four years, Biden has not made any friends with the crypto community. His measures are predominantly seen as anti-crypto.

Trump, on the other hand, is a breath of fresh air compared to Biden. As mentioned, the former president is increasingly expressing support for the sector. He also owns crypto himself and has already launched several NFT collections. He also recently spoke out against the anti-crypto policies of Biden and Gary Gensler, the chairman of the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). Should Trump become president, he will put an end to the “tyranny of Biden and Gensler.” According to Trump himself.

The choice for crypto owners is easy

Biden realizes all too well that crypto could play a very decisive role in the elections. So-called voters in swing states that own crypto are more likely to vote for Trump, according to current polls. According to another poll, crypto is a crucial issue for the elections for as many as 20 percent of all Americans.

Although Biden is counterattacking slightly, the plans to receive crypto donations are still in the exploratory phase. The chance that Biden will make a complete turnaround in the coming months after four years of mismanagement regarding crypto also seems very small. For American crypto owners, the choice seems very easy for the time being: Trump is the man who must save the American crypto sector.

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