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Diana Mondino’s statements about the energy crisis at hand, took place at the 29th Annual Conference of the UIA.

“In January and February, anyone who does not have a generator will buy one. If the industry is reactivated a little, there will not be enough for everyone,” warned the future chancellor.

In less than two weeks the first measures of the new government’s economic plan will be known. So far, the statements of future officials and Javier Milei himself promise that there will be no room for gradualism and that the fiscal adjustment will be non-negotiable.

Mondino’s statements in the form of “advice” to businessmen increase concern in the popular sectors, on whom the power outages fall heavily. In the months of higher temperatures, massive and prolonged power outages have become a norm. On March 1st of this year, a massive blackout left half the country without electricity. This is a distressing situation for working families, who lose food, appliances; for older adults who suffer from high temperatures, among others.

In the middle of a strong social crisis, with inflation that in the last twelve months exceeded 140%, Milei maintained that one of its first measures will be the liberalization of prices. Within the Chainsaw plan, and above all to comply with the IMF, the elimination of energy subsidies that are around 2% of GDP is planned. This will have an impact on rates, which will increase abruptly, offloading the cost onto users. Another attack on the popular pocket. A measure that feeds back the inflationary dynamics, there is a reason why Milei talks about stagflation for the next two years.

The privatization scam

The president-elect of LLA promises a new wave of privatizations, leaving everything in the hands of the “market.” However, in the case of the energy companies – Edenor and Edesur – what is confirmed is a great scam.

Governments pass but no one questions the role of the distribution companies, which like Edesur and Edenor, maintain a systematic policy of disinvestment, lack of maintenance and indebtedness with CAMMESA. The president-elect guarantees higher rates, increasing the profitability of energy companies. Access to services such as electricity and gas must be considered essential and not governed by the profits of businessmen.

The deputy elected by the FITU-PTS, Christian Castillo, denounced the massive power outages: “Companies have been scamming us since privatization. They fled capital like no one else, they benefit when there are high rates or when there are subsidies and they have not made the investments that correspond to maintain quality service.”

The Left Front has presented a project to find a true fundamental solution to this problem that is repeated year after year and that, in the context of global warming, can only deepen: re-nationalize the privatized electric energy companies, under the control of workers. , users and specialized technicians from public universities.


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