Cornejo from Mendoza, Frigerio from Entre Ríos and Pullaro from Santa Fe accepted the dialogue offered by the Government. A pact that is put at the service of liquidating the rights of the working class.

The governors of the UCR and the PRO began to crawl at the feet of Javier Milei. Upon hearing the words “fiscal pact”, all discomfort dissipated and the messages of sympathy began.

Rogelio Frigerio, the Entre Ríos governor of the PRO, wrote on Twitter “count on me to promote the May Agreement that he proposed tonight. I agree with each and every one of the 10 points he raised. It is what Argentina needs. And I welcome your invitation so that we can immediately start working together.”

He Alfredo Cornejo from Mendoza stated that “President @JMilei charted the legislative course. We value the call for a political pact for the economy and society. It is important to note that many of the initiatives proposed by the President are part of the path taken in Mendoza during the last 8 years.”

For its part, Maximiliano Pullaro, governor of Santa Fe stated that “the dialogue is open.” The formerly verbose Ignacio Torres wrote in “It would be very important to have your presence at the meeting on 7/3 in Puerto Madryn, together with the Patagonian governors, to design and agree on a productive development agenda.”

Jorge Macri, for his partwrote that he shared “the need for austerity and to recover the value of politics at the service of the people. Whenever he calls me to work for Argentina, to drive change so that good Argentines can work and progress freely.”


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