The Buenos Aires headquarters of the AGTSyP (Subway and Premetro Workers Union Association) had a special day this Tuesday. On the one hand, the members of the union’s Executive Secretariat, as well as the Account Auditing Commission, took over. But also, in the same act, the union announced the continuity of the plan of struggle in defense of occupational health (and of the population) and for the reduction of the working day.

The union hall was filled, on the one hand, with workers from the 6 lines and the premetro. In addition, he received union and social leaders. On the one hand, from the Workers’ CTA, of which the AGTSyP is a part. They were Hugo Yasky, Roberto Baradel, Daniel Catalano, Edgardo Llanos (APA), among others. Also from unions such as Aceiteros, Sipreba, Químicos (Florencio Varela) and La Bancaria.

Raúl Godoy (Zanon) and Martín Brat (GPS-Aeronáuticos) were from the Movement of Classist Groups promoted by the PTS. Also present were Eduardo Beliboni (Polo Obrero) and Amanda Martín (Ademys).

The members of the Secretariat presented themselves at the event, many of whom are well-known references of the Metrodelegates such as “Beto” Pianelli, Néstor Segovia, Virginia Bouvet, among other references from the Black List that is referenced in the CTA and won the last elections. The members of the Secretariat for Multicolor also took office, whose best-known referent is Claudio Dellecarbonara and who made an important election in November, winning 41% of the votes and winning on lines B and C.

At the time of the assumption of the leadership as a whole, Claudio Dellecarbonara took advantage of his strong voice to shout a harangue: “Long live the struggle of the entire working class! Long live the struggle of the French working class! Let us remember that today there was a new day of struggle in France against the pension reform.

In a brief act, Néstor Segovia and Beto Pianelli took the floor. Pianelli remarked that “we made our debut with a stoppage, because tomorrow we are going to be stopping lines B and C. It is because of the demand for the two francs. We have already managed to reduce the working day to 6 hours but we only have one franc a week. Let’s go for 30 hours. We are exposed to asbestos and unsanitary conditions. But also today the workers earn less, we produce more and that is appropriated by the bosses. We are going to give the debate with the body, ”he said.

The issue of occupational health in the subway is a topic that is deeply felt by its workers and workers. Much more so when they saw colleagues die from exposure to carcinogenic asbestos.

La Izquierda Diario was present at the event and spoke with Claudio Dellecarbonara, who stressed the importance of the fight measures and the fight for the reduction of the working day. “It’s a fight for the entire working class,” he said and called to support the subway campaign.

In the interview that you can see here, he was accompanied by other leaders of the Violeta group that promotes the MAC-PTS, such as Pablo Peralta and other grassroots delegates and activists. Also Raúl Godoy, a reference from the MAC, who raised the importance of supporting the Subte fight and uniting the employed and unemployed by reducing the working day to 5 days, 6 hours and without touching the salary, as the Metrodelagados propose, to generate jobs of work with rights.


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