Ethereum (ETH) has broken a major price barrier and is now reaching new heights, while Solana (SOL) has also recorded a 525% year-over-year (YTD) increase, cementing itself as one of the fastest-growing altcoins in the world. last year.

However, there is now a new entrant that could increase its value further, and that is Pullix (PLX). The project recently concluded its crypto ICO and is up 620% from its starting point. Today we will look at its price momentum to see how far it can go.

Ethereum (ETH) Grows 123.2% Year-Year (YTD) – How Much Can It Go?

Ethereum (ETH) has seen a notable price increase that has attracted the attention of investors and traders. Notably, based on Ethereum price chart data in USD, the cryptocurrency is up 51.6% in the last month alone.

Ethereum’s value has increased from $3,056.82 to $3,832.28 in the past week alone, and is up 123.2% year-over-year (YTD), positioning it as a major player in the sector. However, it could go even higher, as according to Ethereum price predictions, it could reach $5,382 by the end of 2024.

Solana (SOL) rises 525% YTD – will reach $199.75 by Q4

Solana (SOL) has also shown bullish performance on the charts as its value has exploded by 525% over the past year. Solana’s price chart also indicates that the cryptocurrency has grown by 27.6% over the past week.

During this time, the Solana coin price showed a bullish performance as its value rose from $104.76 to a high value of $135.71. According to Solana’s price prediction for 2024, it could close 2024 at $199.75.

Pullix (PLX) raises $9.5M and sells 100M tokens – Price at 100x

Pullix (PLX) is an upcoming project that can dominate the Web3 space as it will introduce a variety of different elements and a vast ecosystem, which will include the best elements of today’s exchanges, without any KYC requirements or high fees.

Its ecosystem will include the exchange, lending protocol, VaultX, exchanges and a Yield Farming system. Furthermore, it will introduce revenue sharing, where anyone can get a share of the profits generated, and there will be a token burning system that will decrease the supply and increase the scarcity of PLX.

The project completed its pre-sale where it raised $9.5 million, becoming one of the hottest new altcoins. By selling 120 million tokens, it is clear that the project can reach new heights. According to Pullix price prediction, it could increase by 100x.


Both Solana and Ethereum are present on the charts, and this price momentum could lead to significant gains in the long term. However, the highest ROI can be achieved with Pullix, as it is not only up 320% so far, but also has a potential for a 100x price increase.

These aspects make it one of the most interesting projects to invest in during 2024 and beyond, especially now that it has been listed on Uniswap and will be listed on BitMart on March 7. Its liquidity will be locked for 2 years, which makes it a safe project.

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