47 years after the kidnapping and disappearance of the high school students of La Platathe student movement, does not forget or forgive the genocide carried out by the last civic – military – ecclesiastical dictatorship.

More than a thousand students mobilized in downtown Buenos Aires, schools such as Pellegrini, Esnaola, Cortázar, among several others that are grouped together in the Coordinator of Base Students (CEB), participated. The CET, Coordinator of Tertiary Students, the Joaquín V. González center, Alicia Moreau de Justo, the Ademys union, among others, also did so.

From ´No Pasarán´the group of secondary schools, made up of PTS militants and independent militantsparticipated in the mobilization with a flag stating that, “There were 30,000, against the denialist right and the adjustment”they also accompanied them Alexandrina Barrycurrent Buenos Aires legislator for the PTS, in the Left Front and Patricio del Corrocandidate for national deputy for the same space.

The mobilization was crossed by debates about what slogans, demands and content to mobilize with.since the call and the document to be read at the closing of the march was not discussed democratically at the bases of the schools, but rather put together among a few CEB students, grouped together in groups related to the national government.

The students grouped in ‘No Pasarán’ debated in the assemblies and secondary school coordination bodies to build an active memory this September 16.meaning that the military and businessmen who organized and carried out the coup, many of whom remain unpunished, must break the pact of silence to find out where the appropriate granddaughters and grandsons are. In front of the denialist right of Milei and Villarruel, we must be in the street, because their plan only passes with a lot of repression and continuing with more subjugation of the country. To confront the right, we must do it independently, from below and democratically in schools, we cannot confront them without talking about the economic reality, that with the current adjustment of the Massa government, working families are becoming even poorer, cuts to education to comply with the Fl.

It is necessary and urgent to organize the fight.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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