One of the main novelties that I offer Cristina Fernandez in Hard of Taming it was the recognition of the political weakness of Peronism. He made it clear, in line with what many polls say, that it is an election of thirds and that Their expectations are set on trying to reach the ballotage. This weakness, in turn, was expressed in the interview itself, in which the vice president did not suggest an alternative government program. On the contrary, she sought an appeal to the Kirchner governments prior to 2015, but without specifying how she would recreate the favorable conditions of that time.

In the extensive interview, the first after 6 years, she devoted herself largely to talking about the judicial and media persecution “not only of her, but of all Peronism” and even of the democratic system. The latest example of the arbitrary decision of the Supreme Court to suspend the elections in Tucuman and San Juan served as an update of the plot of his “proscription“by judgment judgment road for corruption, to reaffirm that she will not be a candidate, as she said on Tuesday in her letter. What to do with the Judiciary, its relations with the intelligence services and large sectors of economic power? She didn’t want to say it.

He also avoided mentioning some of the central issues that are currently generating strong expectations, such as his position regarding the possible candidacies of the Front of All. In this sense, he once again praised “Sergio” (Masa) by saying that he “grabbed a hot potato”. It was symptomatic that beyond the distance with Alberto Fernández, he vindicated the decision made 4 years ago when choosing him as a candidate for President, precisely to unify the whole of Peronism, including those who at the time from La Cámpora and its most related sectors branded as “traitors”. An advance that can lead to justify an eventual candidacy of Massa?

From the point of view of perspectives, Cristina referred again, as she had done earlier via Twitter, to the need to “revise” the agreement with the IMF, the same scam that the Government of which she is a part of as vice president has been revalidating with each payment and renegotiation. At the same time, raised the need for an agreement with the opposition to maintain order in the country and provide a solution to the problem of the “bi-monetary economy”, although he did not propose any specific program on how to end the inflation that is increasingly hitting the pockets of the vast majority. However, he recognized that this is the mechanism for the transfer of income to large businessmen.

At another point in the exchange with Duggan, the former president polarized again with Milei, continuing with the discursive strategy that he had tested in La Plata, by marking the libertarian and his economic program as an adversary. A way to try to dispute a possible ballotage, but that has the risk of ending up giving this right-wing character even more flight.

Deserves special mention the open claim of Sergio Berni together with Nilda Garré as a security policy for his actions in the Indo-American, when this operation had a balance of three people killed by bullets in 2010 for occupying land for housing. As if it had not happened Guernicais Facundo Astudillo Castro under the command of Berni in Buenos Aires since Kicillof is governor.

Although there was some expectation for the possible announcement of candidacies, the interview finally concluded without any major news in the political field. It is expected that on May 25 Cristina Fernández will speak in public again in an act organized by sectors of the related Peronist militancy. There are only a few weeks left for the closing of lists, while the economic and social crisis continues to deepen.


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