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This Friday, in a video titled “My decision” of almost eight minutes, the president Alberto Fernandez announced that will not be part of the list of candidates of the Front of All in the next presidential elections. That is he will not bet to be re-elected as first president, in a context of deep economic, social and political crisis (with significant blows this week) in which the government he leads is the central protagonist.

Fernández’s announcement came a few hours before a meeting of the Council of the Justicialista Party (PJ) in which, it was speculated, from different sectors they would ask him to formalize his withdrawal from being a candidate. Thus, both he and his vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner They have already publicly stated their intention not to be part of the electoral dispute.

In the video, the President says that on December 10 he will hand over “the band to whoever has been legitimately elected at the polls by popular vote” and that he will work “fervently to make it a partner in our space that represents those for whom we are still struggling”.

To justify his electoral decline, he said: “I have to concentrate my effort, my commitment and my heart on solving the problems of the Argentine people.” In this context, he affirmed that the Front of All “needs to generate a new virtuous cycle in the let others be empowered to return to conquer the hearts of those who continue to look at us as the space that guarantees that the right will not return to bring us its nightmare and its darkness”.

“I think Tham PASO they are the vehicle for society to select the best men and women from our front who best represent us. As president of the Justicialist Party I’m going to guarantee that everyone who feels empowered can do it.”

Fernández’s announcement also comes hours after their meeting at the olive farm con Sergio Massaafter days of rumors regarding a possible removal of the Minister of Economy (which led to the resignation of the chief of advisers to the Presidency, Antonio Aracre). It is unknown if the Albertista decision not to be a candidate was part of the conversation.

As soon as the news was known, the national deputy and benchmark of the PTS and the Left Front and Workers Unity Nicholas del Caño expressed that “Fernández is getting out of his candidacy, but You will not be able to erase the disaster that your government meant for the working majority. With the Front of All those below lost and the same as always won. They adjusted the people and recognized the debt scam.”

Now, two months before the deadlines for registering alliances and electoral lists expire, the final stretch of the negotiations (the “rosca”) in Peronism, which may or may not culminate in the STEP (beyond the wishes of the Fernández). This episode, ultimately, is one more expression of the government failure what he broke all his promises elections of 2019 and governs in agreement with the IMF.


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