Since the 2017-2018 bull market, the price of XRP has not reached new all-time highs. Moreover, the growth of the network has slowed, and the number of active addresses is decreasing. This begs the question: is XRP on the verge of a pullback to $0.50, or is there still hope for XRP’s supporters?

Activity on the network drops

The price of XRP is not only affected by general market declines, such as that of Bitcoin, but is also affected by declining optimism among investors. An increasing number of XRP holders appear to be losing hope for a positive future, resulting in a gradual decline in their involvement.

This trend is not only limited to existing investors, but also discourages potential new buyers from joining. A significant indicator of this is the decrease in network growth, which measures the number of newly created user addresses. This decline suggests that Ripple is found less attractive by new investors, which has negative consequences for the price.


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