Manuel Adornithe presidential spokesperson, held a new press conference this Thursday morning as he has been doing this week since he took office. Javier Miilei as president.

Among several of the topics he spoke about, he made two confirmations that follow the line of the brutal adjustment plan that the ruling party has already launched: attacking the modification of the income tax and the retirement mobility.

Adorni stated that despite the fact that “Milei in his capacity as a deputy voted to lower Profits” they are now seeking to reinstate the tax for a “very short term.” And then he added that “we will be the first in history to increase a tax and in the very short term they will return (to lower it).”

Regarding retirement mobility, the spokesperson also confirmed that they are seeking to eliminate it. To justify the attack, he stated that “with the previous formula they were going to have a loss.”

Both statements are in line with what was stated by the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputolast Wednesday in statements on program A Twiceof TN. “The governors want the Income Tax to return,” he expressed there. Also in relation to retirement mobility, he also confirmed that they are seeking to eliminate it to “protect” retirees.

As we have already been denouncing from this medium, Milei’s adjustment is not being paid by the caste as he promised during the campaign. The people are paying for it with the exorbitant price increases, especially in food, and with the chainsaw plan that they announced and that combines devaluation, layoffs, tariff hikes, sky-high prices and nationalization of the external private debt.

Everything will pulverize salaries, pensions and income from social plans. It is necessary organize resistance to attacks in progress and fight for emergency and elementary measures such as increased salaries, pensions and social plans and that no one earns less than the basic basket along with the incorporation of automatic updating based on inflation.


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