One week after the brutal repression carried out by the provincial police and the infantry of the government of Gerardo Morales, in Purmamarca, At the intersection of Routes 9 and 52, a festival of native communities will be held this Saturday at 4:00 p.m. It is the Meeting for the Resistance of the Indigenous Peoples, Third Malón de la Paz. Up the Whipalas! Down with the Reform! are the slogans.

That Saturday the 17th, the Jujuy province government police savagely repressed hundreds of protesters. There were many injuries and dozens of arrests. Among them, our comrade Lucho Aguilar, a journalist from The Left Daily and Natalia Morales, legislator of the PTS-Left Front.

This Saturday, several artists will attend the festival, among them: The Friends of Ricardo Vilca; Inti Marka; Fought Puppeteer; Bread and Roses Duo; Nora Benaglia; Pasakana de Tilcara; Elbio Llampa; Daniel Garcia; The Venus of the Mount; flat cross; Ghetto Moreno; Sonqo Group; Elisa Barrientos; Ruth Alonso; Vane Martinez from Catamarca; zambazul; Pucho Loko and Tato Seal.

The strength, unity and organization to fight for the rights of the original peoples and the workers continue, the cut will be massive. As well as more than 15 courts are maintained throughout the province, The people rise up against the (In) Constitutional Reform that the UCR and the PJ signed merging in a hug.

For all those who want to participate, contact 3886862497.


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