This Friday, a new mobilization takes place in Mendoza to repudiate the criminalization of social protest by the provincial government and demand the release of Martin Rodríguez and Lorena Torres, members of the Polo Obrero, who have continued to be detained since Tuesday.

A wide range of social, political and human rights organizations mobilize in Mendoza to denounce the policy of Governor Suárez, applauded by Cornejo and the ruling party, of responding with persecution and arrests to the social protest.

This Tuesday, the Mendoza Police advanced on the mobilization called by the Piquetero Unit to detain 4 militants of the Polo Obrero and the FOL. In a very serious event, two of them continue to be detained. They are Martín Rodríguez and Lorena Torres from the Polo Obrero de Mendoza.

Along with the mobilization in Mendoza, an act was also held at the Casa de Mendoza in Buenos Aires, where leading figures from the Left Front such as Nicolás del Caño participated.

During the mobilization, the Polo Obrero confirmed that the detainees had been transferred to the Boulogne Sur Mer prison.

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