A crowd already occupies the streets of the center of the City of Buenos Aires. Thousands and thousands of people have already arrived at Plaza de Mayo and many more continue to arrive. From early on the image of the day is of buses, trains and subways full of people which is directed to the mobilization of this March 24, 48 years after the genocidal coup of 1976.

People of all ages attend the mobilization, which expresses a strong rejection of both official denialism and Milei’s adjustment policies. It is significant the presence of young people and adolescents. The green scarves begin to be seen in the concentration. Part of the green tide that took to the streets on March 8 takes to the streets this March 24, also repudiating misogyny and official machismo.

The first columns to enter May Plaza correspond to the call of human rights organizations close to or linked to Kirchnerism. When the event ends, the columns of the call made by the President will enter the Plaza de Mayo. Memory, Truth and Justice Meeting (EMVJ). Various human rights organizations, social organizations, combative unionism and the left participate in this column.

As reported in this medium, Again there were two calls because the organizations close to Kirchnerism rejected the possibility that the EMVJ could read its own documentwhich contains criticism of the Peronist union leaders for their inaction in the face of the brutal adjustment deployed by Milei.

Among many others, the national deputies of the left are present at the EMVJ rally. Myriam Bregman, Nicolás del Caño and Christian Castillo (PTS-FITU) are in the mobilization. Sectors in struggle also participate, such as the outsourced workers of GPS-Aerolíneas Argentinas, which is fighting against discriminatory dismissals.

When the day was just beginning, the Government launched a provocation through official social networks, with a video that justifies the genocidal dictatorship, appealing to a mix between the theory of the two demons and the justifications that the dictatorship itself gave for carrying out forward the blow.


Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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