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Javier Milei’s presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorniconfirmed this Monday that in the next few hours The Government will regulate the decree that establishes the “freedom of choice” of social works from the beginning of an employment relationship. This is the chapter of the mega DNU 70/2023 that advances with the deregulation of the social works system administered by unions.

Workers will have the freedom to make their contributions to the social work they choose. since the beginning of the contracting,” said Adorni in his usual conference at Casa Rosada.

“For decades this could not be the case since many were obliged to maintain the social work that required them to have the activity or the union to which they belonged, so this will give them much more freedom by virtue of also being able to choose the work that they consider best,” he explained.

Asked by a journalist who asked him for more details and pointed out that the possibility of choosing and changing social work has existed since the 90s, Adorni recommended: “Wait for the regulations to be published and in that case then, beyond what it can tell, the Ministry of Health will give all the explanations that obviously warrant it. Mine was the headline of a news story that will be released in the next few hours. What you are looking for within the freedom of employees, es among other things, end this obligation to register for a job and be imprisoned by the social work that corresponds to the union that brings you together. “In addition, once a year you have the freedom to choose and not be imprisoned by a chosen social work or that you can choose it freely but then be imprisoned when perhaps it does not provide you with the service you expected.”

The journalist’s question highlighted that “there is a problem especially with prepaid, even union social works that work a little better, because the amount is small, it is limited and given the increase in health services that exists today, no one would be willing to take those eventual employees who would like to leave, so my question but also my advice is if this can be clarified.

“Regarding whether social security or prepaid work would take you or not, well, They are speculations that each social work will resolve as they see fit.“the spokesperson responded.

Medicines and food: the Government denies the permanent adjustment on elementary rights

After announcing the deregulation of the social work system, Adorni stopped at another point related to health, which has to do with the situation of the DADSE (Directorate of Direct Assistance for Special Situations). This organization is responsible for “granting subsidies for the acquisition of medicines or medical supplies for health reasons to people who are in a situation of social and health vulnerability, who do not have medical coverage.” After the change in management, the department was included within the Ministry of Human Capital headed by Sandra Pettovello.

“Through a Resolution of the February 2, The National Government decided to temporarily close the DADSE, which means cutting off the delivery of medicines and health care for adults, pregnant women, adolescents and girls and boys with cancer and for patients with chronic disabling diseases and acute pathologies.. However, the workers decided to continue with their tasks, so the office located at Av. Rivadavia 870, City of Buenos Aires, continues to serve patients,” its workers denounced at the beginning of the month.

As this media already reported, from ALPHABETICALArgentine Alliance of Patients, They have been denouncing this cut in the delivery of vital medication as part of a “genocide”. There are already patients with severe complications from not receiving the medicine they need.

In the conference, Adorni hid behind the supposed “dismantling of the political caste” to justify this type of measure.. “By virtue of the process that we are carrying out to dismantle what we call the political caste, I also tell you that the Ministry of Human Capital denounced irregularities in the purchase of medications intended for cancer patients or those with chronic pathologies before the courts during the previous administration. The process was absolutely unpunished, there were from approved budgets that did not have any signature, or purchases that were made by email without even having any comparison with other suppliers or with other alternatives. The Directorate of Direct Assistance for Special Situations administered a budget of 38 one billion pesos (…) Beyond the bad intentions that existed in some media of communication or in some transcendental all those who need assistance, medicines and other issues, they will continue to receive it of course”.

Later, consulted about the protest of social organizations in front of the Ministry of Economy demanding food for canteens, Adorni again denied the criminal adjustment. “The president’s order is that the most vulnerable be cared for immediately starting December 10. Why people march or demonstrate in Economy I don’t know, as long as they do it within the law we have nothing to question. I don’t know that it is because of the issue of the games (to dining rooms), but the truth is that everyone who was attending before continues to be attended. Intermediaries have been eliminated and any agreement that has expired or a cafeteria or any other institution that had to assist vulnerable people in its day-to-day life and that has complied with everything that the Ministry of Human Capital has requested, continues to be assisted. This saying that attendance at all dining halls was cut off is false.“he assured.

His statements are denied by hundreds of complaints that show the pressing reality that exists in popular neighborhoods. At the end of January, in an important open meeting held by social, political, union and leftist organizations, together with the popular assemblies that led the fight against the Omnibus Law, the neighborhoods’ demand for food could be heard clearly: “They are hitting us pretty hard. Solidarity copes but the blow is very strong,” said Juan. Leo commented that the situation in the neighborhoods is “desperate. They have emptied our dining rooms. They don’t give us food”.


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