Since the beginning of the year there 52 femicides in the country. From Not one less it became visible that violence against women is a structural problem in our society and the economic issue is not outside of that.

For example, What priority does the Government give to this issue in the Budget? The Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity has the second lowest budget of all Public Expenditure, barely 0.19% of the total.

And it’s not that there’s no money, it’s just that the priorities are others. Contemplating the latest budget modifications (which did not add anything to this Ministry), the item assigned for 2023 is $54,683 million. While for the payment of debt services it represents 53 times more (10% of total spending).

Budget of the National Administration by jurisdiction.  Source: Congressional Budget Office
Budget of the National Administration by jurisdiction. Source: Congressional Budget Office

But let’s take more recent data. only with the USD 1,022 million that were paid in January in debt interest to private funds would have financed 4 times the annual expenditure of the entire Ministry (at the official exchange rate, taking the blue dollar is almost 8 times).

This is not a minor thing, because 93% of the Budget for the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity is allocated to Program for the Formulation of Policies against Violence for Gender Reasonsthat is, to the only specific item that provides financial aid, equivalent to a minimum living and mobile salary for six months, for those who suffer gender violence.

However, in relation to the year 2022, the Government of Alberto, Cristina and Massa defined a real cut of 10% in the money assigned to that ministry taking an average inflation of 75% (in 2022 it was $34,641 million), and if inflation continues at this annual rate of around 100% and that assigned item is not increased, the cut will reach 20%.

In the whole country there are only 188 shelters. And the truth is that without a budget, the fight against sexist violence remains only for discourse.

But also hhere are other ways the fit hits women. We saw how the Minister Tolosa PeaceFor example, it cut social plans, which are emergency aid that the vast majority of unemployed women receive, or who do odd jobs and are heads of household.

This adjustment to comply with the IMF also fell on family allowances, AUH and pensions, which with the new pension mobility, and without a floor against inflation, have been losing in the face of rising prices. This worsened the already bad situation that Macri had left where assets had lost 20 points. That is why the government had to go out and announce bonuses for minimum retirements, but they are insufficient and not all of them receive them, nor do the allotment holders.

Without work or with precarious jobs, as more than half of the women who are employed have, without access to housing, and with income that does not reach inflation, it is more difficult to get out of a relationship where violence is based on economic dependence for their own subsistence and that of their children.

That is why we say that the State is also responsible for the perpetuation of sexist violence.

but we We knew how to organize ourselves, we stood up for Ni Un Menos and we conquered the right to abortion. It is with that force, in the streets and organized together with all those affected by the adjustment, that we have to demand a emergency plan to care for victims of violencethat has a budget for subsidies, zero-rate loans for own homes and the construction of shelters with more places throughout the country, among other measures.

Because the adjustment also takes our lives. But if they touch one, we organize thousands.


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