Popular analyst Tedtalksmacro is convinced that Bitcoin’s bull run is not over yet. He bases this statement on a number of indicators that come from, among others, the traditional financial world. According to Tedtalksmacro, global liquidity won’t peak until 2026, meaning Bitcoin still has room to rise.

Global liquidity is rising

Starting with that global liquidity, which he says moves in 65-month cycles. This bottomed out in October 2023 and will expand and peak in 2026, according to the analyst.

According to Ted, this is consistent with central bank policy, which is also starting to soften globally. He further notes that the M2 money supply (a way of measuring how many dollars are in circulation) still shows a lot of room for growth.

As you can see, the M2 money supply has fallen recently for the first time in a long time. In theory, this could still give Bitcoin room to grow towards the second half of 2024.

Liquidity is back for Bitcoin ETFs

Then Ted moves on to crypto-related indicators, which he says also point to the continuation of the bull market. “While liquidity is clearly back in crypto (Bitcoin ETFs), the pace of inflows has not yet entered the manic phase we often see during market tops.

Ted does indeed have a point with that. Last week, Bitcoin ETFs saw the largest net inflow since March at $950 million. Ted expects that these will only increase as the price rises and the traditional financial world regains confidence in Bitcoin.

All in all, Ted paints a pretty bullish picture for Bitcoin.

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Source: https://newsbit.nl/4-redenen-waarom-de-bullmarkt-van-bitcoin-nog-niet-voorbij-is/

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