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The Multisectorial de Mujeres, Trans, Travestis, Lesbianas y Bisexuales, along with left-wing parties, social organizations, and women’s groups and dissidences, carried out a massive mobilization from Plaza Moreno to the Governor’s Office.

Eight years after the first cry of Ni Una Menos, the indices that show the worrying situation of gender violence, femicides and transvesticides remain. So far in 2023 there have already been 139 femicides and transvesticides. Last year 329 women were murdered, that is, one every 26 hours.

“We denounce that violence against women and sexual dissidence is sustained and reproduced by the State, governments and their institutions.”

In the document agreed upon by the different organizations that form part of the Multisectoral, they denounced that the national government and the Frente de Todos implement a brutal adjustment at the hands of the IMF, supported by the Macrista opposition and Milei. “No to the payment of the foreign debt,” they demanded, “the debt is with us.”

“The consequences of the adjustment are felt in neighborhoods and workplaces, in the inflation that eats up wages and social benefits, the high rates and the precariousness of essential rights such as electricity and gas, which affect women more who are the breadwinners of the home and children,” they explained. At the same time, they denounced Minister Tolosa Paz for cutting social programs and the delivery of food to soup kitchens.

They also made reference to the situation that hospitals and care centers are experiencing since the bronchilolitis outbreak, “health professionals denounce a situation of total collapse, with a lack of personnel due to meager salaries. The State of health of childhood and the adjustment to public health become a criminal combo. We demand that a health emergency be declared in the Province and that resources be allocated to this sector.”

They highlighted the struggle of teachers who have been fighting in defense of public education and for all rights, together with Multicolor, while they denounced the leaderships of the CTA, CTERA and Suteba for being part of the policy of the Fernandez government and Kicillof, and they let the adjustment pass, accepting lower salaries and without joking

They also demanded that Tehuel de la Torre appear alive, two years after his disappearance, justice for Johana Ramallo and Sandra Ayala Gamboa, the full implementation of the trans labor quota, in addition to the IVE and ILE, which in each Health Center there is access to comprehensive sexual health counselling, professional training and access to misoprostol. Along the same lines, the lawsuit against the cut of the UNLP to the sexual health program for students was present.


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