This Sunday, within the framework of the 36 Plurinational Meeting of women and dissidents, which is taking place in the city of Bariloche, a massive assembly called by Abya Yala Feminists took place, which was called under the motto “For bodies, communities and free territories of violence”.

The activity, which as is tradition brings together feminists from various Latin American countries, began with an ancestral ceremony in which members of various communities from Río Negro, from the Tercer Malón de la Paz in Jujuy, from indigenous peoples who fight in defense of the territory, the environment and natural common goods throughout the region and feminist and social organizations in Argentina, such as the Frente Popular Darío Santillán Corriente Plurinacional, Pañuelos en Rebeldía, Marabunta and fighters against impunity.

Present with them was Bertha Zúñiga Cáceres, daughter of the Lenca indigenous leader Berta Cáceres, murdered in 2016 for opposing the hydroelectric concession on the Gualcarque River, in Honduras. This time, it was her daughter who denounced that “it was a political femicide and an emblematic crime for so many women who face companies, governments and the military to defend life.”

The fight to defend the territory was also linked to the fight against impunity of yesterday and today. Coordinated by Claudia Korol, a feminist communicator from Pañuelos en Rebeldía, María Laura Bretal, a former disappeared detainee, and her lawyer in the trials against the genocidaires, national deputy Myriam Bregman, also spoke in this context.

“The fight against extractivism, against ecodidies, the fight for the land, the defense of water, of life and of our bodies, which are sacred, they are not raped, they are not killed, they are not mistreated. That is why we also say “not a femicide, not one more transvestite,” said Bretal, and emphasized: “we say no to the commodification of our bodies, our boys and our girls.” On Mother’s Day, Bretal also paid tribute to the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, who with their struggle in the streets, with their tireless persistence, taught many others to fight.

“They disappeared because they fought and because they appeared they continue fighting,” said Myriam Bregman in reference to all those fighters who, like María Laura Bretal, Celina Rodríguez and many of those present, continue standing “to teach us that no one can appropriate the word freedom, that the word freedom is ours, those of us who fight, those of us who fight for the rights of women, of diversities, of children. That is why when the Mothers, who we just honored, began to fight, they were adding many other struggles. This meeting and these struggles show that feminism is advancing by leaps and bounds and that it knows how to link itself with other fights that are of the moment and cannot be separated”, such as the fight in defense of territories, against looting, as in Jujuy, said the presidential candidate of the Left Front.

“It has been decided to come here to accompany the struggles of the Mapuche people and in particular of the Mapuche women, those who were imprisoned when the meeting of San Luis and Machi, who is the spiritual authority of the Mapuche people, took place. We come to say no. It is enough that he is on parole, that he has to be fully free and that he can return to Rewe, to the healing territory,” said Claudia Korol, and said that “a march to Rewe is being called on Monday afternoon , towards the place where they are prevented from living and which is absolutely militarized (…) We want to free the territories from extractivist policies that destroy common goods and communities,” he emphasized.


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