Hero cop hit by speeding car... still gets his man

275x250.jpg A hero police officer didn't let a little thing like being run over by a speeding car stop him from doing his job - he jumped back up chased the driver before shooting him with a taser.

PC Dan Pascoe from Surrey Police had been part of a road block set up on a slip road of the M25 to stop a criminal driving a stolen BMW car.

But the crook wasn't going to stop and ploughed into the police car which sent the officer flying violently to the ground. But PC Pascoe was determined to get his man, as this footage shows.

The brave officer quickly jumped back up and ran after the stolen car and he was able to use his Taser stun gun on the crook who tried to get away on foot. We didn't know Surrey Police was testing a Robocop.

Lee Ralph Adamso, the 29-year-old driver of the stolen car has now been jailed for 23 months at Guildford Crown Court.

A spokesperson for Surrey Police said: "Two Roads Policing Unit officers were in the process of setting up a road block at the top of the slip road going into St Peter’s Way when the stolen car collided with the back of their stationary police vehicle.

"The force of the stolen car colliding with the police vehicle caused the police vehicle to strike PC Dan Pascoe, who was standing next to the police vehicle.

"Immediately following the collision Adamson got out of the seriously damaged BMW and ran off but PC Pascoe got back to his feet, having been thrown through the air during the collision, and gave chase.

"PC Pascoe was able to deploy his taser on Adamson before collapsing and other officers at the scene then arrested Adamson on suspicion of vehicle theft and other driving offences."

Surrey Police        
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