Yawning sloth becomes online hit… makes us tired

A video of a sleepy baby sloth yawning has become an online hit and been viewed more than 900,000 times… by 900,000 people who probably proceeded to yawn themselves straight after.

The 19 second clip, which was uploaded to YouTube earlier this month starts off with an already adorable baby sloth slouched over the hand of a carer.

But then the cuteness level gets dialled up all the way to eleven when the tired little critter lets out a massive yawn before closing its eyes and going to sleep.

We know how you feel little guy, we know how you feel. 
While some viewers have blasted the video for encouraging people to keep a sloth as a pet, the uploader 'TheMrMikeK' is keen to stress that isn't the case here.

Writing on the video site he said: "It's not a pet, and the reason it's not in the wild is because it's mother abandoned it and my tour guide found it crying in the jungle one day.

"So now he nurtures it and plans on releasing it back into the wild when it's old enough and strong enough to fend for itself. Who in their right mind would have one as a pet?"

TheMrMikeK @ YouTube

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