'F**k You' forehead tattoo tops off police mugshot

275x250.jpg Patrick Brooks has shot to internet fame since being arrested, but it's not his being charged for burglary, forgery and receiving stolen property which people are talking about, it's his mugshot.

More specifically it's the sweary forehead tattoo - which reads 'Fuck You' -displayed in his mugshot which has grabbed the attention online since his arrest by Shasta County Sheriff's Office

The 21-year-old was recently picked up by officers after it was revealed he'd violated the terms of his parole for a previous conviction… not that this matters to you, it's all about the photo.

But were not sure how it compares to other funny mugshots, so take a look at the half haircut, the pre-emptive apologetic head tattoo, the radio listener and the jenius and then let us know which is your favourite in the comments.
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