World's largest Gummy Bear goes on sale

275x250.jpgThe world's largest Gummy Bear has gone on sale, measuring 9.5 inches tall, weighing a whopping 2.3kg and containing FIVE TIMES your recommended calorie intake.

Each monstrous sweet is the equivalent of 1,400 regular sized gummy bears and packs a diet busting 12,600 calories.

Makers say each bite has the same taste as the more familiar pint-sized Gummy Bears and the giant £18 sweet comes in three different colours, red, green and blue.

If like us you always start by biting the head off, you had better be hungry… this one will take the same amount of chewing as about 450 normal sweets.

275x250.jpgA spokesperson for - who are selling the sweet online, said: "There is no candy more magnificent or more powerful.

"Nutritionally, this isn't on par with a bag of trail mix. This gummy "snack" may take a few weeks (and the help of a few friends) to polish off because there are ninety 140-calorie servings in each bear.

"If stored in the refrigerator between uses, the World's Largest Gummy Bear will last up to a year. Just make sure to cover it in a little bit of plastic wrap."

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